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The Last Days Of The Not My Problem Bros?

The Last Days Of The Not My Problem Bros?

As the good ship Dissident Right sails ever deeper and more precariously into the uncertain maelstrom of geopolitical tumult, my mind keeps returning to the beginning of the Russia/Ukraine war. As ever, when such happenings happen, factions are formed and friendships broken as everyone gets their takes in and shoehorns real-world events into their ideological priors. Some commentators took the side of Putin and some Zelensky Ukrainian Nationalists. Others, of perhaps a more conspiratorial persuasion, pointed to Alexander Dugin’s Rasputin-like influence and the emerging Neo Marxist Third Worldism. In this frame, the so-called ‘‘Global South’’ would wage war upon the West, and when we were suitably weakened they would waltz in and butcher us, or at least take our stuff and diversify our womenfolk.

To the discomfort of many Third Positionist factions, this sentiment was also expressed by Vladimir Putin repeatedly in his speeches on the “Anglo-Saxon” West and our greedy, capitalist exploitation of the world’s poorer regions. We are racists and white supremacists and we spread our zombified and unnatural culture around the world dissolving identities in the acid of corporate slogans and products. We are the incarnation of that old Rammstein song Amerika:

We're all living in Amerika.

Coca-Cola, sometimes war.

We're all living in Amerika,

Amerika, Amerika.

I’m not sure if Santa Claus actually made it to Africa, but the LGBT flag did and Rammstein would probably be fine with that. Nevertheless, the sentiment of the world being suffocated and degraded by Americanism is not new.

The Ukraine Bros tried in vain to alert everyone to the inherent danger of Third Worldist ideology, and also to the idiocy of siding with that emerging bloc geopolitically. You, as a white man with healthy instincts, may well feel nauseous at the giant Lizzo statue where your culture once stood. But do you actually have a common cause with Palestinians, Chechens, Iranians, Chinese, Russians, and Syrians? And more importantly, do they have a common cause with YOU?

The position that I adopted was essentially to be neutral, or to coin a term it was the ‘‘Not My Problem Bro’’ stance (NMPB). We NMPBs inhabited a rather aloof and comfortable position of getting the odd snipe in at our own treacherous leadership while lazily swinging in the hammock of disengagement. The NMPB position is not, however, one of complete intellectual indolence. The central issue is that our own elite and system of government show us nothing but contempt and malice, our wishes are ignored, our well-being scoffed at, and our kind demographically replaced and transed. To be blunt, we didn’t want to support the Big Gay Empire that hates us. Yet, such a stance is based on the assumption that the Big Gay Empire will persevere and thwart its enemies without our assistance — but what if it can’t?

Here, we realize that ordinary white folk are sailing between the Scylla of late and decaying Western liberalism and the Charybdis of the roiling foam of the Third World masses. Yet, ideologically there hardly even seems to be anything of substance to separate them. They’re both anti-white, they both seek to plunder the wealth of the West, and they both lionize the Third World non-white masses as a victim class. They both seek to erase the history of European Greatness and, fundamentally, they’re both predicated on a slave morality that negates the Faustian Spirit.

Our external enemies and our internal enemies appear almost one and the same! The bottomless stupidity and unfathomable short-sightedness of the Western political class has led them to propagate and facilitate the Critical Race Theory cancer which is now shackling itself to the political aims of their own external enemies. Black Lives Matter and Greta Thunberg come out on the side of Palestine, as do the millions of Muslims allowed into the West through the teeth of public opinion. Meanwhile, the prime social capital available to Western leaders (white boys) is relegated to the lowest rung in the progressive hierarchy, a demoralized and unemployable grist to the diversity hire mill.

And yet, the question has to be asked: what if this venal system cannot survive?

A scenario presents itself for consideration wherein families are reduced to penury, cold winters, and breadlines while no degree of technological wizardry can repel the ceaseless terror attacks at home and geopolitical gaffs and defeats on the world stage. The vast and ever-increasing imported client groups refuse to recognize the authority of the “white” institutions that govern them and increasingly agitate for concessions under “anti-colonialism” ideology — something already happening and only now linking up with geopolitical concerns.

Under such circumstances, the NMPB stance becomes problematic because, whether you like it or not, what has, in essence, become a civilizational war has arrived on your doorstep and in your living room. The policy decisions taken by Western elites are so extraordinary in their incompetence that many people concluded that they must be deliberately sabotaging us. However, for the sake of this essay, we will assume they wish to remain in power because they have a good thing going and they’re becoming rich.

In this context, the core population of the West is inextricably locked into Western Civilisation, again, whether one wishes it or not. You may sympathize with Iranians and Palestinians, but that does not mean they do not wish to see you destroyed.

The obvious solution at this juncture would be to propose that we actually have competent people who do not despise the West and its people running things, even if for the greater good. It is also tempting to imagine the current gaggle of fools being replaced with some form of “Far Right” leadership. This is an unlikely scenario because the current elites fear the far right more than the numerous external rivals they face. However, even in that eventuality, there is no guarantee the emerging Third Worldist order would stop viewing the West itself as something morally repugnant that must be destroyed. Indeed, the old trope of Fascism merely being Capitalism in decline could be invoked.

This leads us back to the central problem of neutrality. Our own elites hate Western Civilization, and so does an emerging bloc outside of the West and also masses of imported people within it. This is, historically speaking, untenable in the long term, and probably even in the short term. If our leadership continues along the path of demographic transformation and “woke” ideology, it will be the end of the West as we know it.

Two of my peers, Academic Agent and Auron MacIntyre, have a long-running bet on whether the establishment can “put the woke away” in order to prevent the West from descending further into lunacy and an eventual complete loss of legitimacy for the centres of power. The core of the debate is really on the degree to which we are governed by rational actors or maniacs. The rational mind would seek to dial back on the craziness in order to maintain stability and power. However, if our rulers are genuinely unhinged then things will merely continue to deteriorate and become ever more mad. If the woke is not put away then it affects the NMPB camp because everything will burn. If it is put away then we can expect Forever Wars, for, well, forever. The best-case scenario is that a counter-elite removes the current crop and instigates something approaching sanity, but here once more, this does not automatically transfer to a safe world without external enemies.

Given that I, an average guy with a blog, can make these assessments then it stands to reason that somewhere in the bowels of the Deep State bureaucracy and sprawling intelligence communities, others are too. Is there somewhere the equivalent of a little red button under a glass cover saying “break only in an emergency” which represents European interests and is only to be pushed in the direst of circumstances? Or are we to see a “Last Legion” of white men head off to fight for a regime that they know despises them just because the barbarians at the gates are even more unsavoury than the parasites within?

Or, perhaps, it’s finally time for a serious conversation and some concessions. At the very least the smart move for Power to make now would be to lean into populism and make legitimate and coherent Western foreign policy. But that would assume we’re ruled by sane people.

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