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Who We Are

Human history contains a great diversity of societies with innumerable variations on the basic models of political, social, and economic organisation. One factor, however, remains constant in determining the course of human affairs, from monarchies to democracies, in every culture, and every time. No matter the particulars of the context, human action is always the variable according to which the ballad of history is written. Mises’ axiom – that humans act to replace less desirable circumstances with more desirable circumstances, according to their own rational understanding of the consequences thereof – is the foundation of praxeology: the study of human action, and is central to the assertion of praxarchy: the rule of human action.

“The subject matter of praxeology is simply the essential manifestation of human life , that is, action.”
Ludwig Von Mises

This site aims to advance the intellectual project of praxeological enquiry beyond economics into every realm of human affairs, to emphasise the power of human action to shape history, and to defend the Natural Order. To this end, we embrace the methodology of the Austrian School with regards to economics, the Elite theory of the Italian School with regards to political science, and a realist approach to demographics. We draw inspiration from various intellectual traditions, including Austro-Libertarianism, Paleoconservatism, Reaction / Neo-Reaction, and Classical Philosophy, alongside a range of other pro-nomian, pro-liberty, and action-centred thought and writings.

“Universal History, the history of what man has accomplished in this world, is at bottom the History of the Great Men who have worked here”
Thomas Carlyle

In the early 21st century, advances in the technology of communication stand poised not only to topple the existing political regime, but to bring down the entire epistemic framework of modern liberalism in a manner not dissimilar to the destruction of the ideological hegemony of the Catholic church by the introduction of the printing press during the renaissance. Cracks in the matrix of the liberal synopsis are already beginning to be noticed by a great number of people, and the curious among them are beginning to ask what lies on the other side. This site aims to act as a vanguard to explore this territory and map the terrain of the land beyond liberalism, and hopefully therefore serve as a guide to help others escape its tethers and avoid dangerous pitfalls along the way.

Facing such deep and comprehensive upheaval is daunting. Navigating these times will not be easy. But uncertainty and possibility are synonyms, and when nothing is certain, anything is possible. The future will be built by those with the confidence to imagine it and the will to realise those dreams. The future will be ruled by human action.

“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.”
Julius Evola



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