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Israel First: Trump's Next Cabinet Wants War With Iran

Israel First: Trump's Next Cabinet Wants War With Iran
Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

Donald Trump’s has become the presidential favorite after a series of good polls and a $141 million dollar May fundraising haul. The taboo against being seen associated with Trump has suddenly been shattered, as seen at his $10 million dollar Silicon Valley money drive in the heart of San Francisco and winning back vocal critics like Cliff Asness.

Those clinging to the memory of Trump’s 2016 underdog campaign will be disappointed to learn that the elite have taken full control of him: large donations now account for 68% of Trump’s campaign cash, sharply contrasting with the 14% Wall Street financiers and California tech moguls contributed to his first campaign.

Zionist money is driving this sudden surge in support for Trump. The organized Jewish community has started reducing its financial contributions to Joe Biden while generating a fortune for Trump following the Democratic president’s empty threat to reduce arm’s shipments to Israel. The 45th president, known for being highly transactional with his Jewish patrons, will be owing a lot of favors if he gets back into office this November.

Jewish donors are correct to assess that Trump will go even further than Biden in backing Israel. Behind closed doors and through strategic press leaks, Trump has been giving America’s ruling cabal a preview of what his future cabinet will look like.  

Of particular concern to the financiers are his planned appointees to foreign policy positions. He is expected to choose an assortment of some of the most reckless neo-conservatives in Washington DC to head the State Department, Department of Defense, and the National Security Council:  Robert C. O’Brien, Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo, and Ric Grennell.

Some of these figures served in lower cabinet positions during Trump’s previous administration. If given the opportunity, they have made clear their intent to drag America into one or multiple devastating wars.

According to General Mark Milley, who chaired the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Trump, he spent the last few weeks of Trump’s presidency battling some of the figures named above after they had convinced the president to start bombing Iran. At one point, Milley holds, he grew exasperated to the point of screaming, “You’re going to start a fucking war!”

Trump has disputed Milley’s claim, saying it was in fact Milley who wanted to attack Iran. But there is good reason to believe Trump is lying. Figures who were in his inner circle at the time of this debate, such as O’Brien and Pompeo, loudly and openly support waging war on Iran.

In a second term, O’Brien is the favorite for a promotion to Secretary of State, as he is guaranteed Senate confirmation and holds experience in the NSC. O’Brien has grown to become one of Trump’s most prominent advisors, most recently serving as the ex-president’s point of contact with the Israelis, which has served to reassure and loosen the purse strings of figures such as Tel Aviv born billionaire Miriam Adelson. Trump’s shadow emissaries coordinating with the Israeli government to promise policies in exchange for help in the 2024 election probably violates the Logan Act, but this is one crime the Merrick Garland Department of Justice isn’t interested in charging him with.  

In his 2016 book, While America Slept, O’Brien provides boilerplate Reaganite solutions to every geopolitical dispute, from China to Iran. O’Brien has shown that he is ready and eager to act on his threats. Within four months of being promoted to Trump’s senior advisor, he played a pivotal role in masterminding the 2020 assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

Though not registered under the FARA Act, his actions would be indistinguishable from those of a bonafide Israeli agent. O’Brien currently serves on the board of the Israel-based Misgav Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy, a think-tank close to the Netanyahu government that regularly strategizes on ways to push the United States to go to war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, intensify its campaign against the Houthis in Yemen, and launch a direct attack on Iranian soil.  

Last April, O’Brien, in his capacity as a spokesman for the Misgav Institute, gave ABC News his solution to the increasingly hot conflict between Iran and Israel:

”With the Iranians, we should put together a coalition with Israel and other Western allies, and at a minimum take out their drone factories and their ballistic missiles factories that are raining terror down on people in Ukraine and now in Israel.”

Mike Pompeo, another Trump administration official expected to return in some capacity, shares O’Brien’s view, as seen in his bombastic Wall Street Journal editorial titled “It’s Time to Strike Back At Iran”:

Our first step should be to respond to Iran’s deadly attacks with devastating strikes: not only to end Tehran’s escalation and keep American soldiers safe, but to begin re-establishing the model of deterrence that keeps war at bay. The U.S. military must destroy high-value Iranian targets, including Tehran’s nuclear program, navy and oil infrastructure. Telegraphed strikes on empty warehouses achieve nothing. Appeasement has never worked a single time in history, and it won’t work now.”

The perception that many Trump supporters hold that he will end the war in Ukraine, which Trump deliberately plays to for populist points, is also baseless. In a speech in Japan earlier this year, Pompeo guaranteed that Trump would continue supporting the Ukraine war if elected. He has good reason to believe this. While Trump regularly attacks funding for NATO and the Ukrainian war effort at his campaign rallies, he secretly backed House Speaker Mike Johnson’s passage of the highly unpopular $95 billion dollar aid bill to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan last month.

Senator Tom Cotton, a career neo-conservative Bill Kristol acolyte who has been described as the “leading edge of the GOP’s hawkish wing,” is Trump’s favorite to be Secretary of Defense.

Cotton’s violent ambitions are endless. He is an advocate for formalizing a security guarantee with Taiwan that would force an American intervention if they go to war with China. In the Senate, Cotton is a leading voice criticizing the Biden administration for not escalating in Ukraine fast enough.

Cotton’s main passion, as a leading recipient of AIPAC money, is in promoting the most extreme positions of the Israeli government, including unambiguous support for racially exterminating the Palestinians. He has been demanding war with Iran for over a decade, in one instance dismissing concerns about the potential blowback by saying it would be over in “days.” A bellicose figure perpetually threatening the world with war would be seen as a political liability in most countries, but under Trump, he is the favorite for running the Pentagon.

Ric Grennell is often considered to be less hawkish than Trump’s other advisors, but even he supports war with Iran. Grennell, who is a homosexual, spent his time as Director of National Intelligence during the Trump administration threatening to sever relations with countries that do not support the “LGBT” agenda and has grown close to Jared Kushner as a partner in highly suspicious property deals in Southeastern Europe.

Those expecting anything resembling an “America First” presidency will be sorely disappointed a second time if Trump is re-elected. Many Zionist “Never Trumpers,” initially skeptical of the president due to the nature of his 2016, have started to warm to the idea of him winning another term, which should seen as a red flag.  

The electoral hurdle Trump faces is that his real agenda has no base of support outside of South Florida, California and Manhattan, which is why his campaign has been focusing on Trump’s personal trials and tribulations rather than his policies.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a reluctant Trump supporter, has noted that just as Joe Biden must lie about withholding weapon’s shipments to Israel to try and apply a torniquet to the political damage the radical left is dealing him over Gaza, Trump tries to not offend those who can be categorized as “neo-Nazi,” white nationalist, paleo-conservative and conspiracy theorists when he is campaigning, as they play a strong role in the MAGA media sphere and grassroots.  Boteach notes that Republican campaign strategists such as Larry Weitzner — who devised Trump’s 2016 campaign ad attacking Jewish financiers that was widely condemned as anti-Semitic — instruct candidates to downplay their support for Israel and association with the Zionist lobby because it doesn’t play well with voters.

Trump’s words are meaningless. All of the evidence we have about Trump’s cabinet-in-waiting suggests that his second administration would make Biden’s Zionist warmonger administration look reasonable by comparison. No matter who wins in 2024, America will be the loser.

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