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Savages and Succession

Savages and Succession
Photo by Reza Hasannia / Unsplash

If you’ve been on the internet long enough you’ve become too calloused to exhibit normal human emotions. After a decade of furries, lol-cows, and goon-caves it becomes difficult to feel visceral disgust. Emotions like disgust and revulsion become weaker with repeated use. Rarely, will I see something that cuts through that fog and provokes a visceral response.

For instance, this video I found on telegram:

I'll summarize the video for those who are scrolling at work and can’t watch the video ( or the extraordinarily dim). The English hosts are shocked and appalled that you can order large knives online. The UK banned so-called ‘zombie knives’ ( these are poorly constructed cheap knives that were popular during the zombie trend of the mid-2010s) in response to a rise in violent crime.  The blade featured in the video, is still legal because it doesn’t have the exact word ‘zombie’ in its name or description. It was filmed last year but this is still an ongoing discussion in UK politics.

The hosts are partially correct; it is absurd that a word has more to do with violating the law than the nature of the object. This is a petty and capricious law. But that is a minor point and not relevant to this article.

This video makes me indescribably angry. I’m not a libertarian. I am fully comfortable with laws and restrictions. That said, the idea that citizens of the greatest empire the world has ever known cannot be trusted with sharp objects is absurd. Brits conquered the earth with shot and steel and within a few generations needed to ask permission to use scissors.

There is a genuine problem with stabbings in British urban centers. The English deserve better than gangland warfare. Yet what is the cause of this violence? Is it scary knives? Is it even the native British? Surely if knives were the problem, London would have been more dangerous 70 years ago when you could walk out of a store with as many sharp implements as you could carry. The answer to these questions is a clear no.

I suspect my readers know the real source of knife violence. It’s not the native Brits, but the hoards of recently imported violent savages who are stabbing each other. A just ruling class, or even a competent one, would solve this problem.

The current ruling class has proposed many solutions without addressing the root of this issue. Increased surveillance, restrictions on sharp objects, and larger police budgets have all been passed to ‘cut down’ on stabbings. Britain has become a police state. Far from improving the situation, violence has gotten worse, and the power of the state has been used to terrorize productive citizens.

What conclusion can we draw from this? It’s clear to me that no matter the results, our elites will never stop importing savages. This is their highest priority. If there is a problem that would be solved by importing less savages, the elite will pivot to increasingly absurd solutions.

And you know what? I welcome the absurdity. Our elites are not serious people. These are the kind of histrionics you expect from an aging Pentecostal spinster, not the leaders of men. Power is a serious game. Politics is played for keeps and these catamites are at a disadvantage.

My hope is this; as our ruling class becomes more and more absurd, someone will take their place. I’m under no illusion that it will be me, or anyone like me. But countries like England, and the rest of the West, are serious prizes. There is a bounty of physical and human capital here. The crown is lying in the gutter, eventually, someone will claim it.

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