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Renowned idiot Karl Lauterbach shows his vaccine pass to the cameras, reveals once again that his 2022 claim to be quadruple vaccinated is a lie

Renowned idiot Karl Lauterbach shows his vaccine pass to the cameras, reveals once again that his 2022 claim to be quadruple vaccinated is a lie
Photo by sentidos humanos / Unsplash

The idiot Health Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Karl Lauterbach, has beclowned himself again, leaking additional evidence that he lied about receiving a second booster in Spring 2022.

To recap: By late summer of last, Lauterbach had spent many weeks urging a fourth dose on all and sundry, and asserting that he himself was quadruple vaccinated. When he flashed his mobile vaccine pass at an August press conference, however, the QR code revealed that his last vaccination had been on 14 November 2021. Contrary to his own statements, it looked as if he had only been jabbed three times.


BILD journalists asked the Health Ministry what was up, and they responded that Lauterbach had in fact received the fourth jab sometime in March 2022, but refused to release more precise details. Lauterbach’s social media team also ran damage control on Twitter, urging users not to “be surprised about the QR code,” and explaining that Lauterbach had simply failed to register his fourth jab in the Corona Warn App, even though he was at that very moment urging all Germans to use the cursed App for that very purpose.

This brings us Lauterbach’s sad Covid Juice 3.0 photo-op yesterday, when the cameraman shot brief footage of the Health Minister’s yellow vaccine pass, and an eagle-eyed Twitter user noted that his fourth jab is missing there as well:

On the pass, you can just make out the date of Lauterbach’s first jab, on 6 April 2021, his second jab on 16 (or perhaps 15) June 2021, and his third jab on 14 November 2021. His booster yesterday was officially registered as his fourth – not his fifth – dose. Yes, Lauterbach could’ve forgotten to bring his yellow vaccine pass to his fourth jabbing, or it might be registered on some other page, but the balance of the evidence must be that he lied.

A look at Lauterbach’s own statements on the wisdom of a fourth dose suggest why he might’ve done so. In that great, forgotten division of the Covidian camp, between Team Lockdown and Team Vaccine, Lauterbach found himself fighting first and foremost on the side of Team Lockdown. Throughout 2021, he placed his faith in authoritarian virus suppression measures rather than pharmaceuticals, though he was conformist enough to play down his vaccine scepticism. Thus he got the third jab later than the most ardent vaccine enthusiasts, after weeks of demanding more virus restrictions rather than boosters in Fall 2021. His first statements on the wisdom of a fourth dose were marked by uncertainty – both in December 2021, and again as the Israeli campaign to double-boost the over-60s got underway in January. In February, he even tweeted that “Data from Israel seem to speak against a fourth dose for everyone.”

It was as mild Omicron began destroying political support for suppressive measures that Lauterbach finally defected to Team Vaccine. This happened at the end of March, when he began selling the gospel of fourth jabs for everyone over 60, which he claimed could “reduce mortality risk by 80 percent.” By April 2022, he called on the German Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) to extend their fourth-dose recommendations to those over 60, rather than those over 70. By mid-May he even more blatantly flaunted the regulators, suggesting on nobody’s authority but his own that absolutely everybody might want to get a fourth jab. It was around this time – on 10 May – that Lauterbach claimed for the first time, on a talkshow, to have been quadruple vaccinated himself.

Plainly, Lauterbach’s public rhetoric about the vaccines has always outpaced his willingness to submit to the jabs himself. This was the case with his late booster in 2021 and with his fictional fourth jab in March 2022. He turned 60 in February, finally meeting STIKO age requirements for the booster, and so he dutifully submitted to the advice of the regulators he’d spent much of 2022 following in person but questioning in public.

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