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Foreigners Out!

Foreigners Out!
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash
The Bare Minimum to Have a Country

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Donald Trump will be seen in hindsight as the most consequential US president since FDR, maybe the most consequential since Lincoln. Not that he implemented any important policies, but he pushed the regime into making so many unforced errors that it would be nothing short of a miracle if it righted the ship now. Trump was not a master strategist, nor a shrewd political theorist—he was just a man of means who was boomerish enough to think that you were allowed to roll back progress even an iota, and who was able to force his way on to the stage.

He didn’t have deep political insight, but it’s enough to say something sane in the American political arena to throw the whole regime into a tailspin. Trump said something unforgivable: if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. Unforgivable for its clarity. Unforgivable for its concision. Unforgivable for its self-evident truth. To disagree with it is the litmus test for mental illness. To agree with it is to concede nationalism.

Nationalism, and more broadly the political right—and even more broadly, sanity—depend on what’s called differential ontology. This is the idea that a thing can only be a thing at all, insofar as it differs from some other thing. You only have black because it’s not white. You only have male because it’s not female. You only have America because it’s not Mexico. To grasp this principle is already to abandon globalism. To fail to grasp it is to be so bereft of sense that you ought to be committed. Even little babies understand it. So does the left—the left just ignores it in favour of a disgusting and resentful loser ideology.

If you can’t say Foreigners Out! then you can’t distinguish citizen from foreigner. If you can’t say Foreigners Out! then there’s no border between inside and outside. And if you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. And if you don’t have a country, you don’t have a constitution. And if you don’t have a constitution, then anything like an “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” is ipso facto illegitimate and tyrannical, a form of organized crime perpetrating atrocities against the folk. If you can’t say Foreigners Out! then the law itself is null and void.

This is why the recent brouhaha over Germans saying Ausländer Raus! is so revealing. The etymology of the German phrase makes perfectly clear the connection between “foreigner” and “out” (Aus-länder, lit. “out-lander”; raus, from heraus, “out of here”). The phrase originates in the 19th century, and the security state is investigating people for chanting it, what amounts to a tautology. You might as well investigate people for saying grass is green or a triangle has three corners. People are facing fines or even jail time over it. The phrase is currently illegal in Germany. It is illegal to call for foreigners to leave.

Note that we have said nothing about race or any other “protected class”. And of course, some number of foreigners in one’s country are inevitable, and acceptable. It is simply illegal to call for illegal migrants to get out. It is illegal to demand that the law be enforced.

This is another in a long line of “painful catch-22s” that began with Donald Trump. Any country where you can’t say Foreigners Out! is not a real country. But any country where you can say Foreigners Out! is not safe for parasites, especially parasites at the top. Foreigners Out! is the bare minimum for having a country, but troublingly for our political class, it’s also the bare minimum required for us to take back our countries.

Our political elites know a change is coming. For too long they have lived and breathed rank contradictions, have held the folk in contempt, and have pursued the opposite of its interests. The beast is dying, and knows it’s dying. But as it breathes its last, it is kicking, and will try to do as much damage on the way out as it can.

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