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Bizarre hypervaccinator from Magdeburg receives 217 Covid jabs over 29 months, finally achieves antibody levels necessary to prevent infection

I have a wild story for you today (h/t Sborg40).

It is about some lunatic from Magdeburg who claims to have gotten himself vaccinated 217 times between 3 June 2021 and 7 November 2023, at a nominal cost to the German taxpayer of around 4000 Euros.1 Researchers say that there’s nothing (yet) really wrong with him, and – best of all – he’s never gotten Covid! Now we know what it takes to avoid infection. The man is an example to us all.

According to Der Spiegel, this means the vaccines are safe and effective:

A study has shown that 217 vaccinations against Covid-19 over a period of 29 months had no negative effects on a man’s immune system. Researchers at the University of Erlangen and the University Hospital Erlangen became aware of the 62-year-old through newspaper articles, because he was being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office for fraud. They then analysed blood samples taken from the frequent vaccinator in various years. They found that his immune system was not only functioning normally, but that certain defence cells and antibodies against Sars-CoV-2 were significantly more common than in people who had only received three vaccinations …

According to his own statements, the 62-year-old man had been vaccinated against Covid 217 times for personal reasons; the public prosecutor’s office confirmed that he received 130 vaccinations within a nine-month period. He received eight different vaccines, including mRNA vaccines, explained Kilian Schober from the Department of Microbiology and Infection Immunology. When asked, Schober was unable to say what reasons prompted the man to receive the numerous vaccinations …

During the study, the man also had himself vaccinated again – for the 217th time. This significantly increased his antibody levels, according to the authors of the study. He has never contracted Covid.

An old article in the Freie Presse reports that the man first came to the notice of staff at a vaccination centre in Dresden in Spring 2022, after a nine-month spree of constant jabbing. When he next appeared at different centre in Eilenburg, workers called the police and he was promptly arrested, on the suspicion that he was selling his vaccination certificates on the black market. To every visit, he would bring a new yellow vaccine pass with his name on the front page. He’d receive the injection, collect the certifying sticker, and then – according to press reports – replace the outer page of the pass with a blank form, so his customers could add their own identifying information:

On some days, the suspect is said to have received up to three vaccinations at different vaccination centres at different times of the day. He is said to have received the first vaccination in July 2021. He had the injection a total of 87 times in Saxony alone – an average of almost three times a week. In doing so, he has obviously often provided false information …

Investigations are also said to be underway in other federal states. It is unclear how often the man may have vaccinated there. Apparently, the mass vaccinator only rarely presented his health insurance card, but registered with his real name and date of birth. This is likely one of the reasons for the investigators’ strong initial suspicions. Further blank vaccination passports are said to have been found during police searches. If convicted, he faces between three months and five years in prison.

The Erlangen case study appeared on Monday in The Lancet, and it raises almost as many questions as it answers. There we read that prosecutors decided against filing charges, although they were able to document 130 jabs between June 2021 and March 2022. Our hypervaccinator could provide vaccine certificates for only 26 of these vaccinations, and reported receiving an additional 83 jabs not confirmed by the prosecutor or any documents.

For 108 vaccinations, the paper authors have precise dates and details, which they list in an appendix. Let’s go through these very autistically, because they raise intriguing questions – about whether this story is even minimally believable and what actually happened here.

Here’s what we know about his first 16 documented jabs:

Notably, our subject began his vaccine odyssey with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which many German municipalities reserved for the homeless in 2021. The fear was that getting these people to return for a second jab would be a hopeless project. Our subject, therefore, is plausibly indigent, although he proved to be anything but unwilling to return for more of the magical virus juice. Except for the AstraZeneca jab on 1 August, all but one of these early doses are marked “confirmed,” meaning that our subject retained the vaccine certificates.

After Christmas in 2021, our hypervacinator’s addiction seems to escalate. The emphasis must be on seems, because as much as I’d like to hypothesise a New Years’ resolution to arm himself against Covid, it looks like the prosecutor’s data – marked here as “reported” vaccine doses – only becomes complete beginning in January 2022.  From this point, our data also includes the receiving arm, and we see a clear pattern: Our vaccine addict prefers to alternate arms from dose to dose, presumably so that the jabbers won’t notice that he’s already been jabbed.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice cases of successive jabs in the same arm, which seem to break the pattern. If you look closer, though, you’ll notice these are all cases where he was vaccinated twice in the same day, once in each arm. That is to say, these are artefacts of our list and they don’t break the pattern.

On four days in January – Wednesday the 5th, Sunday the 9th, Monday the 17th, and Sunday the 23rd – our heroic hypervaccinator enjoyed a brief 24-hour break from vaccinating, and at the end of the month we see signs of flagging energy, with single jabs on the 30th and 31st – though still in alternating arms, which would suggest we’re not missing data here. You’ll also note than in the midst of this great mRNA orgy, he took a single solitary antigen test on 28 January. It seems that avoiding Covid was rather a side benefit than a primary motivation; the virus-obsessed tend to test about as often as this man vaccinates, and to vaccinate about as often as he tests.

There follows the rest of his mRNA marathon, up to his arrest in early March:

Alongside the declining frequency, we note an intriguing four-day hiatus from vaccination beginning with a negative PCR test on 17 February. Perhaps he was travelling or ill during these days and unable to continue his routine. As if to make up for lost time, he resumed his prior rigorous programme of twice-daily jabs from 22–26 February immediately thereafter.

After our hypervaccinator’s arrest, we see increased testing activity, much of this after the Erlangen researchers get in touch with him, as well as an overeagerness to line up for boosters. These final doses are confirmed by his own records:

The authors of our paper write that the bivalent dose he received on 29 September 2022 was his 214th jab, and that his monovalent booster on 7 November 2023 was his 217th jab.

Let’s talk about the manifold ways in which this is very strange.

1) Why did the fraud investigation go nowhere? German prosecutors have pursued skulduggery relating to Covid vaccine passports with the all imaginable zealotry. Early reports say that, upon his arrest in Eilenburg, our manic jabber was found to be carrying not only blank vaccine passports, but also vaccine passports filled out in other peoples’ names. This would confirm the Freie Presse article, which draws on police sources to explain that his method was to collect Covid vaccine stickers in blank vaccine passports bearing his name on the (easily replaceable) outer page. Presumably he sold most of these certificates, which is why he has only 26 of them left. His vaccination mania, insofar as we can reconstruct it, tracks fairly precisely the political witch-hunt against the unvaccinated; you could say that he was responding to a growing market. And yet, there are no charges. Instead, the prosecutors turned the whole thing over to credulous researchers in Erlangen.

2) Why is the jab data so incomplete and also so crazy? We are told the prosecutor documented 130 jabs through March 2022, but the appendix lists only 104 jabs for this period. I can’t find any explanation for this discrepancy in the paper. Specifically, we seem to be missing data for 26 jabs in 2021. With one exception, what we know of that year is based entirely on our subject’s own records.

Curious things indeed must be hidden in these early months. I return to that Freie Presse article, which reports that our subject received as many as three vaccine doses on a single day. In the data available to us, however, he is only ever vaccinated twice a day, consistent with his alternating-arm subterfuge. These three-jab days, if they ever existed, must have occurred in this mysterious 2021 period, where the prosecutor suddenly does not know very much and is willing to reveal even less.

Finally, consider this: If our maniac’s claims to have been vaccinated 217 times is true, he received an additional undocumented 83 doses somewhere. Either these doses must also be assigned to 2021 and the prosecutor simply failed to find them, or our hypervaccinator continued to hysterically jab himself after his arrest in March 2022 – that is to say, after the vaccination centres had been alerted to look out for him and after the police were investigating him.

3) This story is nuts, OK? We’re asked to believe that a probably indigent man from Sachsen-Anhalt, which had roughly average vaccine uptake, somehow found himself wandering from vaccination centre to vaccination centre primarily in undervaccinated Saxony, collecting jabs alternately in his left and right arms, one day after the other, with unknown regularity throughout 2021 and almost every day in January and February of 2022. Factoring in travel and waiting times, this would begin to resemble a full-time job, and it is nine months before anybody notices. Needle pricks don’t heal within days, and so staff would’ve had to overlook the multiple injection sites on his upper arms, just unquestioningly sticking him over and over.

Many conspiracy theories are possible here. A more conspiratorial blogger than myself, for example, might be inclined to wonder whether the vast majority of these injections ever happened at all. Such a blogger might wonder whether anybody had an interest in improving vaccine uptake numbers by shuttling homeless people around to various vaccination centres in Saxony so they could give their names and collect the stickers. Perhaps one of these homeless people cottoned on to the fact that all the certificates he was accumulating could be sold for fun and profit. The police investigated but found that the case threatened to embarrass important people and so they shelved it. In this totally baseless theory, it would not be surprising if our hypervaccinator did accidentally accumulate a few dozen injections by accident, which would explain his elevated antibody and T-cell numbers.

Or, maybe he really is a lunatic who got himself jabbed 217 times.


This is assuming the vaccines cost about 20 Euros a dose. Because Germany ordered far too many vaccines, of course, the costs were already sunk.

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