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Millennial Woes has returned to Twitter from exile and on his second day is stirring up debate on right-wing Twitter, setting his sights on Carl Benjamin. Carl is the edge of the dissident right closest to the acceptable array of opinions of the Overton window, so much so that even the Hope Not Hate: State of Hate 2023 report seemed to only include him for a sense of continuity and implied through their rather soft touch of condemnation that he might as well be a lefty. This is not necessarily the most charitable interpretation a member of the DR could portray Carl as but I think adequately describes the position Sargon holds relative to other speakers in the DR. Carl had committed the cardinal sin of calling the Nazis the baddies and using the guilt of association with them to tarnish his enemies. This provoked Woes’ ire by essentially capitulating on the framing of the Boomer Truth Regime.

Scrumpmonkey jumped in to illustrate the dialectic and how it confines the rights scope of acceptable opinions through association.

The tweets speak for themselves and need little comment. No, we shouldn’t be discussing why Holocaust is bad and who to blame it on. The mythology is far too entrenched in associating right-wing with bad because Nazis did an evil thing. You will not spot the left having a heated debate every day constantly arguing about how the Holodomor was perpetrated by rightist factions that infiltrate the ranks every time a bad thing happened and left every time a good thing happened. In the modern day, Satan has been replaced by Hitler and acting as the Gnostic heretic that claims Satan is really the anti-satan Christian kingdoms is a strategy that isn’t going to work, particularly with a group so well versed in the tactics of deconstruction and subversion. By far, the best piece of wisdom did emerge from Sargon out of all involved, albeit unwittingly:

The reality is indeed as the reality is. The modern mythology that the Boomer Truth Regime is built on maintains that the man whose every action contributed solely to his finances, his bloodlust, and his dissolution of Britain’s primacy on the world stage to become a vassal of America is valorized in the state religion of this colony of America.

Even I, as I am writing this, who is fully divorced from the Boomer Truth Regime, feel a hesitation when committing that potential thought to print. That suggestion of what could be even tacit neutrality towards him; towards that modern satan. The power of that mythology and the cathedral that imbues it is so strong goosebumps raised on my arms while writing. I’m almost certain an unearthly gust of wind flew in and shook the corridors of my residence with supernatural echoes of envigorated German shouting carried along its wake.

He is right about one thing. Churchill was a British hero. What precisely he stood for becomes more nebulous as the propaganda gets adjusted for each successive generation.

What we must do is simply step over it. I don’t mean just holding the opposite of Boomer truth convictions simply because it is its opposite, but something that is authentically us. When the time comes and we hold all institutional power the question might be different, but in the meantime, it may be best not to march to the masses under the banner of modern satan. Even if they agreed with us on almost every point, we may not like the reception.