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Welcome to the Dissident's Domain

A gentle introduction

I thought this would be a short and simple introduction, whereby I can introduce who l am, what l am interested in, what I believe in and what kind of content and commentary you can expect to find here. However, one thing that I have learnt is that writing is anything but simple or formulaic and rarely goes according to plan, but try we must.

I have come to the stage whereby simply pressing play on another dissident stream just isn’t enough; time to contribute as best as I can. I have a lot to say and a lot to explore and still much to learn as well, but the journey starts here.

I will focus on ideas and concepts that I feel are worthy of greater exploration and more in-depth analysis, these are often intentionally kept out of the public eye in favour of more trivial, inconsequential news items, the lower hanging fruit of political discourse that simply narrows our frame of reference, reduces our critical faculties and divides us as well.

My areas of focus include:


The ideology that seems to pervade every sphere of life. It is both ubiquitous and intangible at the same time, we didn’t choose it but it is everywhere nonetheless. Just defining globalism is a challenge by itself, but I will focus on ideas such as the free movement of goods, capital and labour, how capitalism is based on the concept of infinite growth, the rise of the neoliberal era and the rise of the state-finance nexus and much, much more.

Within globalism is the role of supranational, multilateral organisations (EU, IMF, WTO, WEF, UN, NATO, World Bank, WHO etc.), organisations that are unelected by the people but whose jurisdiction goes beyond borders and who have a great deal of power and influence.

The American Empire

I will begin with a series of articles on the role of the U.S. dollar and how it is the central component of the global American empire and U.S. power in the world today. This series has been thoroughly researched, written and re-written numerous times and has already been featured on the dissident blog, Praxarchy (to whom I am eternally grateful for). Future articles will look at U.S. overseas interventions and how the U.S. has built up its empire – both formal and informal – especially since the end of the Second World War. I am interested in advancing the idea that the United States is an imperialist project primarily composed of corporate and financial interests.

The Global Economic System

This covers a whole range of ideas and concepts such as the central banking complex, the fiat currency system and the shadow banking system. Gradually, I want to explore areas like the credit / debt system, speculation, fractional reserve banking, the boom and bust cycle, inflation and more. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act in the United States effectively laid the blueprint for the banking model we have across the world today whilst the transition to a pure fiat standard in 1971 allowed for infinite expansion of the money supply that has led to the era of mass financialization of almost every aspect of life today. I wish to explore how, for example, the shadow banking system now accounts for several times more trade than actual goods and services, as well as how capital investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock have become legitimately more powerful and richer than many actual countries.

Institutional Power and Elites

This is a subject that is very common in dissident circles, exploring the idea that we are ruled by unelected and unaccountable elites who largely remain invisible but who wield tremendous power nonetheless. It seems almost farcical to have to say that our leaders are beholden to forces far more powerful and influential than they are; one man, say a Joe Biden or Donald Trump, does not make all the decisions, that is simply not how institutional power works. Unelected elites actually encompasses a broad range of people and spheres: this can be anything from the aforementioned Blackrock and Vanguard right through to our tech overloads to Ariana Grande and LeBron James.

The new rulers of Europe | European Union News | Al Jazeera
Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell

Now that is quite a lot to unpack and you may have observed that there is already considerable overlap among these ideas and topics. I accept that this will be a tall order but I am up to the challenge regardless.

Moving away from political economy, I would like to explore the metapolitical realm as well, looking at subjects like the simulacra and simulation (Jean Baudrillard), the hypernormalisation or society and culture (Adam Curtis), the idea of Technique (Jacques Ellul) and the concepts of mass culture and mass society (Theodor Adorno).

I would like to briefly pay homage to the broader dissident right community to which I owe many of my ideological roots to. These include Academic Agent, Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin, Charlemagne, Mark Weber, Morgoth, Keith Woods, Prudentialist, Radical Liberation, Todd ‘Praise of Folly’ Lewis, Luke ‘Lambda’ Avery, Dave ‘The Distributist’ and many others as well.

Like all things created by man this blog is not perfect, far from it. Writing is not easy, (even writing this relatively short introduction was a challenge and went through many revisions to get to this point) but it is uniquely rewarding in a way that few other pursuits are. At the very least I can safely say that my journey has begun, I hope you will join me!