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A common misconception surrounds the 13/50 statistic, which is unfair to the African American minority within the United States. Aggregate data does not support the claim that 50% of all crimes in America are committed by highly melanated individuals.

As seen in the figure provided, Blacks are not callously defrauding their firms or committing embezzlement at the expense of their high-end law firm clients. That domain is ruthlessly cornered by White Americans. However, one should not discount African Americans yet, as the 13/50 statistic is largely from hardcore crimes. You see when African Americans commit crimes, it is not a matter of personal gain and monetary advantage, it is a matter of honor. They abide by the noble code of our ancestors that we have long since forgotten. Once a feud has started between two gentlemen, the African American is bound by his spirit to seek satisfaction against his opponent, seemingly subordinating all future considerations of livelihood and freedom. One may be a successful business owner, millionaire rapper, or DMV worker. It matters not. All of this is worth nothing if one cannot avenge one’s honor against the slanderous slights of one’s detractors. In fact, it is almost a necessity that one does lose everything. If one somehow manages to get away with a crime, then all one has accomplished is eliminating one’s opponent, without recovering one prior reputable status. Nevertheless, many options are available. Perhaps you could tell your entire network of associates, including potential snitches, brag about it in your latest single, or even just go on a podcast in front of millions of people and inform the world that the slights against you will not go unpunished. It is typically considered good form to include as much descriptive and incriminating detail as possible in the disclosure.

It is safe to say, that whites have a large gap to close to even achieve parity in terms of pure honor and cavalier spirit the African American embodies, and it will not be achieved without considerable effort. This is one glass ceiling whitey will struggle to break indeed.

Thus far, I have been rather jovial and tongue-in-cheek about what otherwise is a very somber and chilling reality that the West is inhabited by another group, with whom we differ so largely in temperament, psychology, ethics, and culture from ourselves that we are met with such disparities. Were we to fail to even disaggregate the different types of crime in which these statistics are composed, and ran a binomial distribution to identify the likelihood of African Americans committing the proportion of crime that we do, it is a statistical impossibility. A Binomial Distribution is the likelihood of X or Y for a set of binary outcomes. Think of it as heads or tails. It is either one or the other. Then designate the number of times this event occurs and the probability of success. For instance, a head or tail is a 50/50 chance. Dependent on the number of times it lands on tails 8 times, for instance, the binomial probability will detail the likelihood of this happening. If it is below a certain threshold- perhaps a 5% chance or less- one can safely declare the coin to be weighted. In the case of African Americans- assuming them to be no different than ourselves- committing the number of crimes out of all crimes in the US, the likelihood is zero.

In other words, the color of one’s skin is simply not the only distinguishing factor between the two groups. Socio-Economic factors are the position lobbied by the left and are to immediately be disregarded by anyone who was to chance upon this article. Material conditions simply cannot account for this. One can pivot into an analysis that shows violent crime could be combatted more effectively with 80% of police resources dedicated to particular streets in entire districts, but that is not my focus.

What compounds the perturbing nature of these statistics, is the rates of Black-on-White violence in comparison to White-on-Black violence.

To borrow an interaction from Steve Sailor, it displays in microcosm the reality of interracial violence and the sociology of the regime mythology that is intertwined with it. To anyone paying attention, the idea that the media was simply braying at the chance to display Black-on-White violence is incredulous on the face of it. For the liberal in the civil rights era, they may have had more machiavellian ends in mind vis-a-vis eradication of white demographics and culture via forced integration. That notwithstanding, the narrative of the oppression of minorities at the behest of the majority culture was an internally consistent framework with which laws on the books regarding segregation at the time would corroborate. As this narrative has shifted, power dynamics have concomitantly shifted culturally through an inversion of virtue allocated to the “oppressed” as opposed to the “oppressor”. Whites have been imbued with the narrative of primordial evil. They must either be colorblind or, increasingly, publicly embarrassed or ashamed of the people, as opposed to it being a source of pride as with all other groups. The narrative, then, explains Black-on-White crime-a statistical aberration to the liberal worldview- must find another frame to justify whites being oppressive. The only avenue left is simply to concede that Blacks and Whites are inherently different, and that’s a good thing! (for blacks). To the successor to the liberal regime ideology- Critical Race Theory- it is a fact that whites are individualistic, hard workers, early risers, self-reliant, punctual, and strong-willed. They are analytical, furtive, demure, and insist on good manners. These are white racial characteristics. Of course, they don’t go as far as to directly connect this to biology but concede that blacks are the way they are for some reason.

The difference then, between a Critical Race Theorist and a Spenglerian is the team they are with. They are moral particularists for the Blacks, and White people are inherently different, and evil in themselves. Therefore, as the liberal worldview evolves, Black-on-White violence is not something to be silent about, or apologetic over, but valorized. If the Black man is oppressed so long as a white man is embodying his essence, then the Black man is justified in embodying his essence. Violence, rape, murder, theft, playing loud music at 4 in the morning in suburban areas, and taking their positions simply by virtue of them being the better color is not only excusable but to be celebrated as the good triumphing over evil.

Post-partied in South Africa is an example reminiscent of the trajectory the USA currently sees itself on. The trappings of liberalism fall away as the regime sheds its skin like a snake to reveal its new form of racial caste hierarchies. One group, the «oppressor», is rendered powerless, cultureless, and without any sovereignty. The other group, the «oppressed» predominates in all aspects of life, with further stratifications within. Unless you are the rare rich white liberal, who can survive in such a regime, it is going to be a tough road ahead.