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Tom Harwood: Establishment Shill

Who’s team is he on?

So-called “conservatives” like Tom Harwood are nothing less than wolves in sheep’s clothing. The façade perpetrated is one of a fellow dissident standing alongside you versus the contemptible socialist hordes beguiling our cultural gates, haranguing our defences, and keeping us ever watchful. But while these left-wing Urukai amass before us so as to attack our front, Gríma Wormtongues like Tom Harwood whisper the benefits of Kali-Yuga in our ears like he did King Théoden, so that our kingdom would crumble through unrighteous inaction, while he plunges his dagger into our backs.

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Photo by Anis Rahman on Unsplash

But alas, my fellow dissident, what is to be done? What Sarumanic forces back the likes of fake “conservative” Tom Harwood?


The regime to which you are dissident, is to which Harwood is a loyal dog; it allows for him and his “intellectual” and “ideological” kin to bark out a farcical narrative to ensnare and contain you, like sheep in a pen. It wastes your time, energy, while neutering you. With friends like Tom Harwood and GBNews, who needs enemies?

Photo by Daniel Fatnes on Unsplash

The only benefit gained by dissidents through this containment, if at all, is that it lessens the pressure from the puppet pressure groups of the left, the regime-tolerated representatives of the Urukai degenerates. In the best case scenario, we could imagine such containment mechanisms as Aragorn’s suicidal charge towards Mordor so that the dissident hobbits could gain the necessary clearance to dispose of the Ring while Sauron is distracted. That would only be if Harwood types had Aragorn’s courage and fortitude, which Tom assuredly does not. Nor are we at the point where that would be useful. For the most part we haven’t left the Shire. Never make that error. Harwood and his ilk would denounce you and yours faster than any leftist. He would do so without remorse or any effect on his conscience: you are the enemy; Gríma Wormtongue has his own interests and they are not yours! See him for what he is:

Let’s break it down.

Harwood: “Genuine q[uestion] -“

Here he states this is an actual genuine inquiry/statement of belief. What follows from here is therefore not satire.

Harwood: “[Is] there anything more western, that the enemies of the west hate more than capitalist LGBT culture?”

He is not here requesting unity around an issue. He is declaring his allegiance to GloboHomo, while denouncing dissidence DIRECTLY.

Harwood: “It’s the antithesis of everything the world’s wronguns stand for.”

First he divides the world into the thesis of traditionalism or conservatism (as an evolutionary concept) and the antithesis of GloboHomo “progressivism”. He is directly stating that being traditional, or conservative makes you an enemy.He goes on:

Harwood: “…[F]rom China to Iran to Russia. Despots and dictators the world over hate market & sexual liberation.”

None of China, Iran, nor Russia “hate” the market. All of these nations make themselves via the market. They however realize that selling rope to hang themselves is a bad idea, and this simply won’t do for Tom Harwood, who would seemingly ‘troon-out’his children if he could make a quick buck from it (following his logic).

The final sentence is a straight lie. Worse, he makes the assumption that those dictators who would support GloboHomoism are ‘good’. This brings in the central point that what makes one good or bad is their adherence or dissension towards GloboHomo. Right from his ideological frame, Harwood reveals himself to be an enemy of tradition and conservation. Perhaps he is just arrogant or ignorant, but such is a dereliction of duty for a ‘conservative traditionalist’. Even if he isn’t mad (in the British sense), he’s bad. Team Kali-Yuga comes in many forms, but they all make themselves known. Don’t disregard your own duty to due diligence. Harwood is an enemy to all dissidents. File him away as you would any other leftist Kali-Yuga proponent on your ‘list’. You should keep a small notebook with a list. This is important, even if just for posterity, and even more important for after we succeed. We need to know who to make heros of, distrust, or punish if need be.

Depending on your country, Tom Harwoods go by many names. In the USA they might be called RINOs or Mitch McConnel. In the UK they might be called ToryBoys™️ or GBNews©. In Canada we have a diversity of names like O’Toole (which really should have been the first warning sign) and Jean Charest.

But in the end they are all the same, whether they are shills or snakes; beware the tendrils of power lest they strangle you in your slumber.

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Photo by I.am_nah on Unsplash