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The Boomer Cruise: Day of the Pillow

The Boomer Cruise: Day of the Pillow

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of traditionalism. All the powers of GloboHomo have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and President, Managers and intelligentsia, French Radicals and German police spies.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as regressive by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of traditionalism, against the conservative opposition parties, as well as against its progressive adversaries?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Traditionalism is already acknowledged by all GloboHomo powers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that Traditionalists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Traditionalism with a manifesto of the idea itself.

History is always a conflict between the visions of progress and the reality of historical cycles.

In history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. In ancient Rome we have patricians, knights, plebeians, and slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, and serfs; in almost all of these classes, again, subordinate gradations. These graduations and classifications were orderly and stabilizing for society, bringing it great wealth and knowledge.

Modern society has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society; modernity bastardizes many traditional concepts and subverts them for commercialization, and has established new classes, new conditions, and new forms of struggle in place of the former.

Our epoch, the epoch of GloboHomo, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified Society as a whole by splitting people up into hostile camps, into near-infinite microcosms, forced to hate each other or absorb the bug-man spirit.

From the serfs of the Middle Ages sprang the chartered burghers of the earliest towns. From these burgesses, the first elements of GloboHomo were developed.

The discovery of America, and the rounding of the Cape, opened up fresh ground for the rising managerial class. The East Indian and Chinese markets, the colonization of America, trade with the colonies, and the increase in the means of exchange and commodities generally, gave to commerce, navigation, to industry, an impulse never before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in the tottering feudal society, a rapid development.

The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolized by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild masters were pushed to one side by the manufacturing middle class; the division of labour between the different corporate guilds vanished in the face of the division of labour in every single workshop.

Meantime the markets kept ever growing, the demand ever rising. Even manufacturers no longer sufficed. Thereupon, steam and machinery revolutionized industrial production. The place of manufacture was taken by the giant, Modern Industry; the place of the industrial middle class by industrial millionaires, the leaders of the whole industrial armies, and the modern manager.

Modern industry has established the world market, for which the discovery of America paved the way. This market has given an immense development to commerce, navigation, to communication by land. This development has, in its turn, reacted to the extension of industry; and in proportion as industry, commerce, navigation, and railways extended; in the same proportion GloboHomo developed, increased its capital, and pushed into the background every tradition handed down from the Middle Ages.

A Precursor

We thus arrive at postmodernity, which, whether defined by or not, has catered to the Boomer. The nascent radical of the 1960s (having been largely born in the late 1940s and 1950s) had grown up in a world that treated them as Princely producers for the world crushed by War. There was no shortage of work mending a world so broken by bloodshed, and they did some but soon sold the ancient silver long kept in the familial cupboards for the sinking hole of individuality. The Boomer began to cruise.

Cruising began in youth, easy-come jobs and historically high wages led to many boomers having cars in high school. Driving tests were easy, with learner's permits only being needed for a handful of weeks. In this way many would drive around town, getting into “trouble”, looking cool in their 1960s-1970s land-boats with fuel as cheap as chips. Life was great from their point of view.

Then, social accomplishment was simple. But soon the boomer females too became “empowered”, and though they held some traditional aspects of civilization within their hearts, they soon became feral; a certain madness overcame the lot of them. Civilization declined.

Many boomers married young, for whatever reason, (often out of expectations, or style) and many of these relationships lasted some 20 years or more, usually producing 2 or more children. Suddenly, there is invented this idea of a mid-life crisis, which gave boomers the idea they could restart their lives with a new partner in their late 30s or 40s. For many boomers, marriage was not a holy union making up the foundation of civilization to the benefit of their offspring, but a socio-economic symbol of prestige worn somewhat like the war medals of their fathers.

With this, many women had no choice but to take up employment outside of the home for economic survival, which was no longer a stable platform with which to build a happy life, but a fleeting moment of cruising, never knowing when the ship would weigh anchor and send you off to the nearest port to explore unknown reaches of captured, designed, and curated pastures where you can wade through the artificial grass.

This subversion of the natural order, this indoctrination into industrial-centric living, is all-consuming. It devours vast swathes of humanity: mentally in terms of thought; physically in terms of effort; existentially in terms of being or being born. Why have a family when you are satiated by mass-manufacturing? That is essentially what is fed into our minds through advertising and other propaganda. It is by the grace of God that many have children at all. Pure instinct or happenstance, running on the fumes of nature that remains in Man. Contemporary propaganda informs you that this world is too expensive to procreate, at the moment in history when life has never been easier.

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

But it stems from this: the Boomer Cruise. Boomers will stop at nothing, short of having nothing left, to Cruise. Many plan to leave nothing to their heirs but a mass of credit card bills, a home-equity loan, lines of credit and much more! “Après moi le déluge” they seem to say, as they burn through their assets just in time to have none when they expire. Typical of Boomer Cruising, is travelling on cruise ships on the open ocean to various spots, getting drunk on board, or going to all-inclusive resorts like in Mexico or the Mediterranean. This much-differentiates from Pilgrimage, or voyages of discovery. These are indulgent, masturbatory excursions suited to the aspirations of the lower classes who would do better by trying to get their family ahead than travelling across the continent to…be warm while outside. Don’t get me wrong of course! What’s not to love about a nice romp down in Mexico or Spain? But if this is how you soothe your bio-spiritual yearnings, my friend, swallow deep on that blue pill because that’s all for which you are capable.

This is of course not to blend all boomers into one socioeconomic smooth-brained stew, for many boomers are active in intergenerational wealth planning. But it should be indicative of where you are placed within the rungs of humanity. Many however do work merely so they can have their head hit that pillow each night, in a cycle that has them working to sleep. Dare to awaken them, thinking you can change them and you might permanently join them. Comfort is a commodity, but its cost is impoverishment. You can become addicted to comfort, the greatest of all drugs. To wit, what is a drug but a seeking of refuge in the name of comfort? What is it to be high but to escape the bondages of material being, mortal suffering, even if just for a moment of peace? An addict will pay nearly any price, do nearly any deed, to attain this! Such energy and gumption, all put to the cause of self-destruction.

Wrestling the Shadowy Darkness

The Boomer Cruise is not merely a problem because it seeks out masturbatory indulgences, but because it seeks out death. It is a slow, painful, cultural suicide. The existence of communities relies on the existence of traditions, ceremonies, festivals and other things which bring the community together in collective orchestrations, aspiring towards a unity of folk and purpose. To lead in any direction which diminishes or ignores such held truths is to stab at them with knives of falsehoods. It is to lynch the very basis upon which being resides, in the continuous cycling of the generations, celebrating life and renewal, mourning the dead and from their honourable lives heroes and legends abound, beyond the material reality of their long-buried bones.

Despite this, our ruins, these ashes where our faint hopes trod, hope remains in us. You can reflect upon the failures of the Boomer Cruise and drive your course to the promised land. You must shed your own internal boomer lies and logic, you must be willing to lift the veil and dash through to the other side. Ever-thinning strands hold together the dilapidated structures of civilization. In Europe there is more hope than most, for the strands are still graspable, should you reach out and have them. But for the New Worlders, beyond some Novo-Hyperborean fever dream, you must dig deep, and you must cast aside the subversions plaguing you. If there is nothing to you but sportsball and statutory holidays, you are in a bad way. If you have nothing, you must create something, anything, and make it last. European Man and Colonials alike, the Bureaucracy has you by your throats, and holds you weakly, while the technocracy works at your castration. Do not be meek at this moment! Do not sleep while they slice at your God-given gonads! Do what you must so that your progeny lives on! You have everything to lose; your children need you and without your will to act their existence fades into obscurity. They will never have the choice, unless you can make yours. Which way, European Man?