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Texas must hold the line

Texas must hold the line
Photo by Pete Alexopoulos / Unsplash

While journalists and pundits are busy debating the fallout from the Republican primary, the real battle for the future of America is occurring on the Texas border with Mexico.

The Biden administration has enacted a malicious open-borders policy welcoming millions of illegal aliens into the country and facilitating a full-scale invasion. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has attempted to stem the tide by deploying razor wire and authorizing state law enforcement to arrest foreign trespassers. Federal Border Patrol agents have responded by cutting the wire so that an unrestricted flow of completely unvetted migrants can continue to enter the country illegally.Subscribe

Abbott has taken the unprecedented step of expelling the Border Patrol from the region of Eagle Pass, where many of these illegal crossings took place. But now the Supreme Court has ordered Texas officials to stand down. The time has come for a leader like Abbott to defy the illegitimate ruling of the court and defend the citizens he has sworn to protect.

Democracy is a comically easy system to hack. If the current population does not reliably support the ruling class, elites can simply import a new population to dilute the influence of the old. The left has been clear about its intention to transform the United States through immigration and eliminate any support for the political opposition by bringing in a dependent class of low-wage workers.

The Biden administration not only welcomes these illegal aliens, but it also buses and flies them deep inside the country, where they will never be found. There have been at least 8 million illegal aliens encountered at the border since Biden took office, which is roughly seven times the population of Montana.

Mass immigration brings with it crime, disease, poverty, drug addiction, and human trafficking. Even sanctuary cities like New York are finally realizing the incredible cost of open borders, as Mayor Eric Adams displaces entire schools full of children to house illegal immigrants and the state legislature commits billions of dollars to subsidize their health care.

While the fiscal and social impacts of this invasion are devastating, the existential threat posed to the American political process is the most urgent concern. Democrats are welcoming a wave of illegal immigrants larger than the population of several red states and are seeking ways to turn them into legitimate voters. The normalization of mail-in ballots and the rejection of voter identification laws are clear efforts to enable fraudulent voting. But even if that does not work, Democrats will have succeeded in transforming the voter base for generations.

It is now clear that the immigration problem will not be solved at the federal level. Republicans have paid lip service to border security for decades but have betrayed their voters at every opportunity. Large corporate donors prefer cheap labor, and the press can manufacture “children in cages” headlines all day long, making it easier to simply turn a blind eye to the devastating impact that the immigration invasion is having on the heartland.

If the GOP were an actual opposition party, it would take the left’s effort to alter the machinery of democracy more seriously. But the GOP is not an opposition party. Republicans are the outer party, the Democrats are the inner party, and no one is interested in protecting red America. The truth is that the GOP is embarrassed by its predominantly white supporters and is just as eager as the Democrats to swap them out for a voter base that would meet the approval of the New York Times editorial page.

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