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Remove Your Children From the Clutches of Our Enemies

Marshall Fritz was right.

Marshall Fritz founded the Alliance for the separation of School and State in 1994 well before many were ready for such a radical approach to the problem of regime schooling. I remember being with him in a private meeting as he tried to persuade an important conservative that half measures, like tax-funded vouchers, would not cut it. Nothing would do but to completely remove our children from the clutches of the regime.

Compared to the uphill battle that Marshall faced back then, the case to be made now is easy.

The danger of regime schools back then were seen as "left-wing ideas" and "secularism".

Now it is that your child will permanently destroy their sexual organs or be gunned down.

It is insane that we would put our children in the hands of a regime that hates us.

If they are in a regime school, and we now know that even most private institutions are part of the regime, get them out.

Certainly don't put them there in the first place.

A quick note for Christians... One terrible idea that floats around in Christian circles is that children should be put in regime schools to be "salt and light". That is, we should send young, impressionable children into enemy territory as missionaries.

Children are not missionaries. It is bad discipleship to give your children to be molded by anti-Christians and bad parenting to put your children where they are not physically safe. Nurture your children in those short years you have of their childhood.