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Kruptos Recent Podcast Appearances

People keep asking me to talk with them about stuff and things and I keep saying yes. Here is my most recent collection of appearances since my last post like this.

It has been a busy month of podcast appearances for me.  Here is the rundown in case you missed them the first time.

The Pete Quinones Show - ep. 1047

Pete had me on to discuss a concept vital for understanding the nature of the culture war, that of first and second order disagreements.  He began, interestingly enough, by he and I walking through the reasons why you can’t debate with Libertarians — even though Libertarians all seem to think that if we just debate enough they can demonstrate the superiority of all their ideas.


Tod Lewis - In Praise of Folly

Tod and I got into a back an forth on Twitter and he thought it would be better if I just came on his podcast and we talk it out.  The discussion centred around Ellul’s thesis regarding the French and American Revolutions as he laid them out in “Autopsy of Revolution.”  An interesting discussion.

Ben Boyce

Ben had me on and we had a wide ranging discussion about faith, politics and building community.  Ben always pushes to go deeper and his questions come from a frame that different than my own so this forces me to think on the fly and talk about things in new ways.

Jon Harris - Conversations that Matter

Jon had me on his show to talk about the issue of the technological society and how it relates specifically to the current church landscape.


Luke Avery - Lambda Podcast “The Gauntlet.”

It you want to see me forced off script to talk about what “whatever,” the series of videos that Luke did with a number of guests that he labeled “The Gauntlet” really forced me to think on the fly and draw on things learned in the distant past or to simply figure something out as the words were coming out of my mouth:

The Forrest Maready Show

Forrest had me on for a live three hour show on Saturday April 6.  The first 30 minutes is his monologue and sets up some of the rest of what we discuss.  I thought doing a show of this length, and live to boot, would be a real challenge, but the time flew by and the conversation was excellent

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