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Rats, Wires, and the Problem of Urukai

“Preparation is Salvation.”

Rats, Wires, and the Problem of Urukai

I was speaking to someone close to me recently, and it came to my attention how far down the garden path we have come as a civilization. I don’t mean in any positive sense, but in terms of an airliner cresting at full altitude suddenly losing power. For a moment in time we float, seemingly against gravity, but we know this is a lie or illusion. The rats whose chewing of wires doomed us, suddenly appear from under our seats and say we have been emancipated from the power of the airliner, and now we can exhibit our human right to float against oppressive gravity. What is the common passenger to do? Many in denial or naiveite accept the flowery oratory from the rats which damned us with their fanciful grandiose idealism. Then again, what good would it do if you disagreed? The plane is in freefall, or soon will be.

white and gray airplane mid air
Photo by Steve Doig on Unsplash

These sociopathic rats want you to believe that their utopic vision is not just preferable, but inescapable. Is it?

The issue we must come to grips with is the level of our own responsibility for this predicament. It is all well and good to blame our ideological opposition, but what were we doing while they gnawed away at the substructure of the civilization? Perhaps you or others were trying to raise the alarm, maybe you could hear the noises in the walls and let others know. But did many listen? If they did they didn’t listen well-enough to avoid the damage done. Perhaps we were not persuasive enough as well (likely true). But what was to be expected of us? Just average men in the world making our way through life like any normal person in any normal generation, totally inexperienced in the ways of the deep lore of power and politique. Many of us just wanted to watch sportsball or play video games. For better or worse we have become illumined to the problem, and so we bear this cross.

low angle photography of concrete building with cross
Photo by Louis Moncouyoux on Unsplash

But the people, the normies won’t hear it. They think you’re the crazy one: “Can’t you just enjoy sportsball like a ‘normal’ person? It’s always politics this, GloboHomo that, can’t we just grill up these smokies and enjoy the ball game?”

It is hard to blame them. Who really wants to bear our cross with us? Who wouldn’t rather just watch the ball game and forget about it all and embrace smokies, nacho cheese draped over tortilla chips, all washed back with an ice-cold BrandName(TM) beer?

And so, we have this problem. Our enemy marches forward taking cultural hegemonic castle after castle, like the unrelenting, mindless industrial army of the Dark Lord Sauron marching towards Helm’s Deep to extinguish the good and traditional. Like Rohan there is no salvation coming from Gondor. Our fight is up to us alone. The enemy will come for Gondor too, eventually. The normies will only then realize their conundrum, hopefully before the guillotines are deployed (for then it might be too late). But how will we know they are ready to be helped? They will have to ask. Gondor will have to call for aid. This part of Tolkien’s epic is key: you cannot awaken a man who thinks he is already awake.

man sleeping on beige concrete bench on focus photo
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Until then, we must prepare for our own Helm’s Deep. Who would have thought our ilk would be reading Carl Schmitt, James Burnham, and the Bhagavad Gita? What is the enemy reading, if they read at all? (most read nothing whatsoever). The ones who do, read garbage pick-a-flavour Marxist philosophy or postmodern puffery, either category can offer you limited deep truths but for the most part are vast tomes of falsifiable rhetoric which dunce and midwit alike fall for like dominoes lined up towards ruin. They are Urukai trampling along in resentment-fueled lockstep. Their strategy is quantity over quality. But don’t let that get your hopes up. You nor I are a Legolas or Aragorn…yet.

blooming yellow gerbera daisy flower on gray plank
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We have much to learn and much to understand before we are ready. Do not be caught flat-footed. Don’t assume things will get better, I assure you that they will get much worse! Read more! Organize more! Form relationships, build your family! There is no time to waste and we have wasted far too much time already! The enemy was 20 years ahead of you when you figured this stuff out, so there is much catching up to do! This is not merely for your personal benefit, but it is your moral duty and obligation to both your ancestors and descendants. To quote Tolkien from his books, when Frodo laments that it befalls him to make the journey to Mount Doom, to bear the burden of hard times, Gandalf replies:

“So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

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