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Prophets of Doom and the Sensible Centre

Prophets of Doom and the Sensible Centre

I recently attended this year’s Witan and was able to procure an advance copy of Neema Parvini’s “Prophets of Doom” (hereafter Prophets). This is the much anticipated second volume of Parvini’s projected sensible centrist trilogy. It aims to counter the regime by creating a rival, coherent canon of thought. To a committed follower of Parvini's work, Prophets may seem disappointing. It is for the same reasons that it surpasses expectations.

I am reminded of the tweet above as I think about the significance of Parvini’s work. The disheartening part of having right-wing sentiments is having to accept perpetual loss. The right appears as a reactive force, constantly on the defense. It is framed in the Regime-acceptable form of conservatism, and, if not, is shoved into the irredeemable category of Neo-Nazis, Fascists, or Far-Right. Implicit within this framing is that to be right-wing is to sin. Morally speaking, it is arguing in favor of the devil in the context of modern social order. The closer one gets to these inherently evil concepts, the more ineffectual your movement will be. This has been the case for as long as the GAE has existed in Europe. It has been an enduring central trait of the post-war world order. This has not been without great effort and methodological ingenuity on the part of the regime, as I will explore later. Suffice it to say, it has castrated any genuine right-wing momentum under the long shadow of the mid-century Germans.

What is encouraging about Parvini is that he answers the demand made by the right in 2020, as illustrated in the tweet. Thanks to Parvini, the man tweeting above will soon be in the minority. We will have successfully created a right-wing Foucauldianism. I am immensely excited that, when reading Prophets, the ideas and summaries provided seemed like regurgitating common knowledge. After a year of spreading these ideas through streams and substack articles, explicitly and implicitly, everyone takes Parvini for granted.“The book is more an introduction to sensible centrism than it advances the field. Parvini states “This book is written chiefly in a value-free descriptive mode rather than a diagnostic one”. This is a breakthrough. When the Populist Delusion was published, the ideas were contentious. Two years later, Parvini’s work and assumptions are evident in our speech. When describing the enemy as the “Regime”, everyone knows what is meant: friend and enemy, populist/democratic falsehoods, and the iron law of oligarchy. He may not have first coined the term, but now it is in common usage. One hears it often, and behind it lay assumptions of sensible centrist theory.

My pen name is borrowed from three thinkers, Carl Schmidt, Hans Hermann Hoppe, and Jurgen Habermas. Perhaps pretentious, these are my developing influences: past, present, and aspirational. Hans Hermann Hoppe is a libertarian of the extreme variety. From his master, Rothbard, he took his Anti-Egalitarianism to its extreme. He also recognized the tenets of the bible, identity, hierarchy, and culture within an Austrian framework. Young Zoomers might find his wealth of writings exciting, comprehensive, and conclusive. He profoundly influenced me (like many other Sensible Centrists). Nowadays he is unfashionable -as is Libertarianism- for not understanding the problem. Critiques have been levied, like the charge of implicit Egalitarianism, Rationalism, and lack of defense against the left. I begrudgingly agree.

My current influence is Schmidt. His notions of Friend/Enemy distinction reverberate through the right and dictate its perception. No longer does it respect the left or its rules. Power is analyzed and institutions are either friendly or “captured”. This is Parvini in action.

The most controversial is Habermas. He is an adherent to Critical Theory and a member of the Frankfurt school. Understandably, people have been reserved when identifying this influence. The Frankfurt school is the subject of well-deserved hostility from the right. It is a subversive organization. Funded by a communist, pioneers in gender theory, and backed by the United States to “denazify” Germany, they are no friends of ours. Regardless, I took his name. I reference back to the tweet above again. There has been a recent re-examination of the Critical Theorists. This is not to rehabilitate them, but because their methods are useful to study, re-engineer, and turn against their inventors. Therefore, my name is a reflection of that (Foucault seemed a bit on the nose).
The weapon worth studying is Critical Theory. It is unique as an ideology thanks to the understanding of Ideology by Marxist theory. These people are, after all, covert Marxists. Ideology, for them, is nothing but a tool of the ruling classes. The prevailing ideas are simply there to justify the current social order. Ideology is the “enemy of truth” and delusion. It conceals contradictions and legitimates power. Expanding on this idea was Gramsci. A Marxist and witness to Mussolini’s rise, he sought to explain the inexplicable Fascist victory over communist forces in his nation. He argued it was not simply economic inequality that enabled “Bourgeois” forces, but the hegemony of ideas.
To challenge this hegemony is the cynical Critical Theory. It is an ideology of pure attack. It demystifies, deconstructs, and reframes everything into power dynamics. Foucault exemplifies this. Nothing is spared; relationships, art, literature, love, hate, food, ideas, concepts, and habits are all scrutinized and found wanting. Basic human life becomes legitimation of fascism, oppression, or capitalism. It is worth noting that key figures like Horkenheimer denied that they were Marxists, and insisted communism wasn’t worth assessing since nobody would ever find that desirable. Meanwhile, they took their axe to any conceivable alternative. Any idea, word, or relationship that could be reframed as simply “not communist” was dismantled or reforged until it would be.
This year marks the centennial since the Frankfurt school was founded. All are forced to gaze upon their works and despair. It should now be clear why they are worth studying. They’ve been blisteringly effective.
Parvini, then, is the right at last firing back. Our trilogy begins with a foundation; taking tentative steps to dismantle core components of modern ideology. A brutal assessment through power analysis, he strikes at the idea of popular sovereignty and the possibility of democracy. These illusions are demystified as tools of the ruling oligarchy. They are rituals of power and nothing more. With Prophets, he has now taken the axe to linear, progressive history -another core tenet. Next, he will tackle  “Boomer Truth”. This will be a comprehensive sweep of all that modernity holds sacred: its consumerism, materialism, and individualism will be picked apart in turn before turning on its devils. The poison-negative center of anti-Hitlerism will surely also be demystified in terms of power analysis.

Now to the state of play for the right. The right-wing Foucauldianism is being forged, a foundation laid to instill our value hegemony. Another exciting development is the moral unity amongst (European) Sensible Centrists. It is worth noting that the Sensible Center is another of Parvini’s inventions, and is almost universally accepted. It deftly moves us to the impartial position of the reasonable moderate. That said, when Sensible Centrists congregate and speak to one another there may be differences in BAP followers, Christians, NRX, or identitarians of various stripes, they all share in the ability to identify the regime as an enemy. I exclude the Americans from this assessment due to their current wrestling with the logical conclusions of central ideas like the Global American Empire.

Another idea central to the Sensible Centre theory is the network of 10s. This organizational idea is building networks of organized elites as opposed to building on the basis of popular support. Said elites will be not only the most competent but totally committed to the cause. Every action, thought, and deed will be sublimated to the ultimate goal of victory. These men will be incorruptible and a Vanguard for ushering in the desired future. To an anti-SJW of yesteryear, such notions would seem ridiculous, or, worse still, they would take the idea on in some cringe-inducing larp in Anita Sarkeesian’s comment section. With organizations such as Basketweavers, these ideas are made manifest. Prominent speakers such as Carl Benjamin made mention specifically of this concept in his talk, and it was held as an assumption by all I engaged with at the event. Unlike other concepts listed, this has direct practical application. The Witan is one example of such networking. Across the Sensible Centre, more elite organizations are forged. Infrastructure, news sites, publishing houses, think tanks and more are either in operation or being realized as we speak. More will inevitably follow.  

Testament to this is that you read this article on Lotus Eaters about a book trilogy published (in part) by Imperium Press that I procured at a conference for Sensible Centrists. Aspirationally, this network of tens can develop into a fully-fledged rival power structure, sustaining a parallel economy against the Regime. No longer would the strictly Sensible Centre economy be relegated to gold, pillows, coffee, protein pills, and Raid: Shadow Legends. Your food will be sourced from right-wing farms, internet infrastructure provided by Sensible Centrists, means of exchange will be independent of the regime, jobs and a source of income will be from friendly businesses, and you will live in a community whose institutions are controlled by the Sensible Centre.

To conclude, the Sensible Centre is in a better state now than it ever has been in its previous, populous iterations. We are organized, work effectively towards specific, concrete goals, have effective means of combatting regime ideology, and are ever more independent from the Regime. There is no more reliance on waiting for popular will to be enacted by GAE mouthpieces or containment. The Sensible Centrist has broken out of the YouTube comment section. Thought leaders such as Parvini have created an effective model for fighting the Regime, and, of this, Prophets is symbolic.