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Pastors remain silent as Canada perpetrates a mass anti-Christian hate crime

Pastors remain silent as Canada perpetrates a mass anti-Christian hate crime
Photo by Alicia Quan / Unsplash

The Canadian government and media have colluded in a mass anti-Christian hate hoax that resulted in the burning of more than 80 churches. In any other circumstance, this vicious display of religious persecution would be held up as a horrendous violation of human rights, but you will not hear a single word from the many charities and watchdog organizations dedicated to monitoring such abuses.

This pogrom against Christian churches was instigated by a wide range of Canadian elites, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but the event is unlikely to get so much as a mention from pastors in the United States this Sunday. Instead, American congregations are likely to hear lectures about the evils of holding political power and the dangers of Christian nationalism, even as their brothers in Christ watch sacred places of worship burn to the ground with the approval of the secular state.

The Canadian media in 2021 reported that a mass grave containing the bodies of indigenous children had been found on the grounds of a former Catholic-run government boarding school. The history around the boarding schools was already contentious as they were known for separating indigenous children from their communities and forcing them to attend government schools to foster cultural assimilation. The new revelation that mass graves could be present at one of the schools sent the progressive Canadian establishment into a frenzy as it seemed to confirm all its most wild fantasies about a racial genocide perpetrated against the country’s indigenous population.

There is only one problem: None of it is true.

The suggestion that the bodies of 215 children were resting in a mass grave at the Kamloops Indian Residential School is incendiary and should have been handled with great caution. Any ruling class that cared about the stability of its country would vet such an accusation thoroughly and only address the issue after going through the painstaking process of collecting definitive evidence. But Canada is governed by unhinged leftist zealots who hate Christianity and seek to vilify their own ancestors. So, instead, the media immediately began to chum the waters with reckless repetitions of the unsubstantiated allegations.

Not to be outdone by the malicious agents of the media, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau validated the anti-Christian hoax by ordering the nation’s flag be flown at half-staff and calling the incident “a painful reminder of that dark and shameful chapter of our country’s history” on X.

As the resentment grew and churches began to burn, Trudeau claimed he understood the anger driving the terrorist attacks. Law enforcement took little to no action to prevent the religious hate crimes, and the entire Canadian government seemed to tacitly approve of the conflagration as a just punishment against the Christian community. Even Pope Francis validated the hoax by traveling to Canada a year later to express his sorrow over what he described as “a genocide.”Subscribe

After spending three years and almost $8 million in the search to uncover mass graves at the Indian Residential School in Kamloops, no remains have been found. Not a single body. Despite this complete lack of evidence, neither Trudeau nor anyone in the media has apologized. No officials have been held responsible. In most cases, police have made no significant effort to find the arsonists. The entire campaign of anti-Christian terror has been swept under the rug by Western elites.

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