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J.K Rowling has done something again and the left is mad. This time, her intellectual property has been licensed out by a video game company, which has gone on to release HOGWARTS: LEGACY. This game takes on what the task of simulating what it might be like to live in a fully-realized open world set in the Harry Potter universe is naturally, to the left, an obvious ploy to genocide transgenders from the face of the earth. To the center-right, it showed how all people of all races could live in a harmonious society centered around owning whatever the left has recently taken up by taking the position of “everything the left believes apart from this one particular issue.” To the rest of us, there was some pleasure in watching the show from a distance. J.K Rowling, I suppose, is the perfect standard bearer for the center-right in this dichotomy. Nevertheless, my focus is on the man whose life she has created from her Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliffe, and the movie behind the meme that inspired this review.

Daniel Radcliffe has since thrown J.K. to the wolves since she broached the topic of transgenders, along with most of the cast. Surprisingly, Draco Malfoy has gone on to express support for Rowling’s opinions (or at least her right to say them) which goes to show he wasn’t acting and was simply voicing his real opinions during the series. His appearance in this meme depicting him as one of Kanye’s strongest soldiers on his way to procure a copy of the game made the rounds and had me curious as to its origins.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in this film (IMPERIUM) to prove once and for all he isn’t just a child star and can handle gritty adult films too! He picked the perfect film for it, as he actually portrays the character of an actor- an undercover agent- who is nervous in the role and barely scraping by recalling his lines as he infiltrates a world of malevolent people that wouldn’t think twice about murdering anyone who spoke out about their plans. No, he isn’t infiltrating the WEF, Uniparty, or the average Hollywood director’s house; he is infiltrating the evil Neo-Nazi Extremists!

What’s the difference between this and American History X, you may ask? Very little. Everything is exactly the same apart from that our protagonist is not a character of a man that genuinely believes in Neo-Nazi Extremism, who subsequently drops it when he is mistreated by his prison gang and exposed to your friendly neighborhood Chris Rock archetype. They drop the implicit message that exposure to these people is something that will bring people out of that sphere. In fact, the movie further goes on to say that young impressionable kids are joining because of their exposure to blacks (specifically) and doesn’t actually provide any refutation of the ideas involved within themselves throughout the film. If you did not enter the film with an already liberal framework drilled into you it doesn’t actually work.

Someone will bring up literature, a point, or real-life law and Radcliffe will try and voice an authentic agreement and later say something to the effect of “how could people believe this.” and end it there.
What makes the film interesting is what the message does suggest and when the propaganda was made. The film was produced in 2015 and released in 2016, the election year of Donald Trump. No one believed he was going to win, least of all in the liberal media, who had been firing hit pieces left, right, and center throughout his campaign. He wasn’t this year’s current thing, you see. He was last year, and, as we know, anyone who is not up to date on their left-wing beliefs and talking points is immediately Hitler. This is why Trump’s 90’s democrat policies were transformed by the media into Fascism in the public consciousness, especially after he won. Everything about the situation from the 90’s democrat self-report to the impotence of previous media strategies. It is that impotence that is on display here.

Radcliffe’s character is known for his empathy and understanding. He draws the attention of the Domestic Terror unit employee with the Karen haircut after he virtuously defends a Muslim suspect, who was entrapped for a bombing. Interestingly, our only experience with Islamic terror is a fiction concocted by the FBI to entrap a poor oppressed Muslim, who is also Black.

The DT Agent voices her opinion in a meeting that some ingredients for a dirty bomb have been found missing when compared to a manifest and she suspects those crazy, far-right people from within the country. Enrolling Radcliffe, he is sent into the underworld to deal with Skinheads, Neo-Nazi Extremists, the KKK, and an Alex Jones character who turns out to be a red herring entertainer, who believes none of it, has prostate cancer and lives with his octogenarian mom.

Eventually, he discovers, after many twists and turns, the real extremists are the suburban, well-read, mild-mannered moms and dads, who are ready to die for the cause in an elaborate and well-planned assault on major cities.

In the end, they are caught and Radcliffe ends by talking about empathy, how everyone is good deep down, and how we need to guide the youth. The final message is an interesting one given in a monologue about the seduction of victimhood.

This is what inspired me to write this piece. Having been produced during the Trump campaign, which every one had taken as the fact he was sure to lose, it is interesting to see how the movie that is intended to link one mind to Trumpism and its “far-right” influences, decries the entire movement for victimhood. Today, religion is nothing but victimhood. Black Lives Matter, gay rights, trans rights, gender fluidity, and intersectionality are all products of the mainstream and promoted within the Trump presidency and these individuals indoctrinated through the university were permitted and encouraged to infest every aspect of life.
What we see here, is what could have been (if Clinton won) in the approach to those remnant “deplorables” who could only muster 30% of the vote and were a concretely defeated force. Then, religion did not have to change so drastically so quickly. With a defeated and contained enemy, it is safe to tell the general population that victimhood is bad and empathy is key. One does not need to whip blacks up into a fury and destroy cities across the country that one owns, nor does one need to make media as blatantly partisan if the population is neatly put under the same spell. Critical thinking is safe for a population to value if you all think the same thing. From there, it is safe to offer no resistance to the moral particularist ethno-nationalism of white people since you have imbibed your critical thought from the media that it is evil. This has somewhat weakened in recent years, as portrayals of conscious whites in media have deviated from portraying the multifaceted appeal of such ideas, and the various backgrounds involved and have switched to the much more nascent ideas the film developed on resolution through the therapeutic state, sin, and psychological defects.

In a world where Trump was successfully halted as a sideshow of a Republican party in decline, it is conceivable to imagine tolerable talk shows, a genuine throughline of unity in regime propaganda, and a culture of republicans being meanies simply because they want low taxation. This is the regime when it is at its strongest: when we are all Americans, changes come unnoticed and over time, and people are depoliticized. Trump did not represent a genuine threat in himself, but his appeal was in recognizing on some level the system for what it was: a regime of people who were thoroughly corrupt on every level, had no love for the country or its people, and represented an ideology that only cared about GDP going up.

Trump, flawed though he was, tapped into something “higher”; some spirit of America that had gone dormant, which represented a patriotism beyond the superficial and life beyond materialism. Genuine meaning through duty and patriotism were the selling points of the Trump campaign. Of course, being a boomer, this meant he was the only man in the room who actually did believe in democracy. Neither the democrats (obviously) nor the republicans, nor did Steve Bannon fully commit to the idea of democracy. The Boomer mindset is always framed by the ideas that democracy is good, increasing freedom is the trend of history, and good faith protests and voting will see honest and just results. That makes him no friend of ours. He was a danger to them- inasmuch as what pandora’s box he opened in terms of awakened right-wing threats- and even more so to us. In himself, he is one man who conquered a single castle in a kingdom they had a stranglehold on. The office of the presidency is simply symbolic in the face of the managerial state. To us, he at once opened these philosophical doors in both his rhetoric to the masses and the reaction to him by the regime, and he has essentially facilitated the transition further down the road to oblivion by giving everyone democratic-populist Copium for the descent. If we aren’t careful, he will drag us down with him.

A Clinton Presidency is also dangerous, and now that Trump is back in the box that soft-face regime increasingly seems like it’s on the menu. The soft face of the regime is the 90s; racial harmony and every culture and creed being American first and foremost. We have seen the woke having compensated for a Trump presidency by making massive expanses through Covid-19 crisis exploitation, fermenting victim narratives in blacks, mass demoralization of whites ramped up to 11, and the further dissolution of gender concepts to the point that is either invariably met by the ridicule of fear of the social power behind it. Having successfully gotten the masses to naturally genuflect to power, the downside is these two groups: Rabid leftists (of the progressives and the black supremacists) and the increasingly conscious, increasingly organized DR are unsustainable for the GAE. It is difficult to exert power over groups in the same way as the docile mass when their conception of the current regime is something of evil they have been emboldened to fight through its soft touch towards them, and a cornered dissident right who realizes that, no matter the face of the GAE, its overthrow is their only chance of survival. They now wish to curb these new threats, which are partly of their own creation, by putting the woke away. This tool goes back in the box in favor of the 90s Prince of Bel-Air “Anti-woke”.

As we begin to see the ramping down of the “woke” in favor of the Trumpian “anti-woke” (whether it is him or De Santis personally carrying the banner) do not fall under the misconception that they are your friend. De Santis will “put the woke away”, ban transgenders in some states ephemerally, and gracefully exit as a new Raegan figure whilst our demographics are slowly being eroded and the half-hearted blockade over the ideology eventually breaks, but the frog is boiled slower at least.
We do not want to contend with the propaganda of the Imperium over the propaganda of the woke. As long as there is a tenable middle ground for the average man’s psychology to take, then we are in more trouble. People who were at the precipice of the Dissident-Right, or even in it, slink back into the bosom of the GAE as soon as they open back up their arms. With a completely transparent and hostile regime, the more hardened the mind of its adversary will be against it, and psychologically prepared to take the necessary sense to organize and survive. Without that push factor, people lose consciousness of the gravity of the situation.

Imperium is an insight into the Trojan horse of “the friendly GAE” we are soon to face, and we must remain obstinate to it. When De Santis runs, or Trump or any character left or right which runs without our influence of sensible centrism then they must be opposed at every turn. They must be ridiculed and insulted. Their base must be eroded and filled with cynicism. Any link to leftism must be highlighted and pushed to the front page.
Do not let the GAE, as an entity, ever leave people’s minds. Constantly push, never concede, and drive the center right into the history books! The republican is the true enemy in its role as mainline containment. We can weather the storm of 20 years of woke progressivism and black nationalism, but 200 years of “anti-woke” will consume us all.