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Leftism is a Parasite

Leftism is a Parasite
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I appeared on the Carousel Podcast recently to talk about how the conservative movement is fake and gay. One of the things that came up is a definition of the right and conversely a definition of the left. This is a fundamental issue, but one that’s often missed.

Left and Right are modern terms. This French Revolution where one side of the French legislature, the conservative side, was on the right and the revolutionary one was on the left. In the pre-modern era left left-right dichotomy breaks down. Nonetheless, it's a very real one in our current age.

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My take on this is a pretty normal one. I believe the left stands for equality and the right stands for hierarchy. This is such a common definition that it's on Wikipedia.

However, there is a common mistake, that I will refer to as political dualism. Dualism is the idea that reality is an eternal battle between two equal but opposite forces. This is the meaning of the Yin-Yang symbol. These two forces are moral opposites in every way but of equal power. Oftentimes, the ideal state is an equilibrium or balance between the two.

This belief is common in more liberal or IDW-adjacent circles. For instance, you will hear men like Peterson refer to the left and right as the two hands of God. From this perspective, we cannot make a moral judgment between the two camps. They are equal but opposite forces. As in philosophical dualism, the centrist liberal believes that the ideal situation is a balance between these two forces.

This idea is based on a mistake of reasoning. Hierarchy and equality are in opposition but are not opposites. The left and the right are fundamentally different

Let's look at that equality versus hierarchy. Equality is not natural. Hierarchy is natural. Equality is imposed on reality through ideology. People, civilizations, and beliefs are different. These differences in inputs produce wildly disparate outcomes. In a state of nature, this is very obviously the case. Men are stronger than women. We don't need to overcomplicate this.

To create even a semblance of equity, energy must be added to the system. In this way, equality is like a vacuum. nature abhors a vacuum and the moment that energy to maintain the vacuum disappears, so does the vacuum.

The left releases power through entropy. The power produced through entropy is required to enforce equality. We can observe this trend multiple times over the last 3 centuries. It deconstructs a functioning social order, one with hierarchy, and in doing that it releases power.

As an example, the left broke the traditional bonds between men and women. At first, this took the form of extending the franchise to women. The pill, abortion, and Title 9 served to break down relations between the sexes. The political power this produced, both in the form of an increased number of clients and increased opportunities to rule, has been used to try and erase the natural differences between the sexes.

The left is entropy. It is synonymous with destruction or chaos. However, entropy cannot exist on its own. It requires a subject. This is what breaks the dualistic understanding of politics. The Right can exist without the Left, but the opposite is not true. Order and hierarchy can exist and are defined positively. The left is a negative vision. For this reason, I brand the left a parasite.

E. Michael Jones' dichotomy of logos versus anti-logos is a better way to conceptualize the difference between left and right. I disagree with Jones on any number of things. His takes on race are wrong, to put it mildly. However, you have to give the man what he's due. Jones is incredibly insightful. Jones says that God, logos, and order are the same thing. When you look at the Christian religion, it is fundamentally hierarchical. In the previous social order, the pre-modern one, the church was an integral component of the power structure. hierarchy coming down from God. The fealty shown by a son to his father is a mirror image of the fealty owed by a vassal to his lord and by all men to God.

The French Revolution, and leftists since, have defined themselves in opposition to that great chain of hierarchy. This is why the left is fundamentally satanic. I don’t mean that in the kind of hand-wringing way that a 1980s pastor would. This is not the corny belief that rock music is satanic because if you play a certain record backward, it'll say, Hail Satan 50 times. This is true because the instinct towards rebellion, the instinct towards equality is one that we find in Satan's story.

In Milton’s Paradise Lost Satan is romanticized as a tragic rebel against a dictator. Despite Milton's intentions, this character was seen as admirable and heroic. Satan is defined entirely by his opposition to God and the hierarchy of heaven. Leftists of the time were very much aware of this.

But the mistake of dualism is the mistake of believing that God needs Satan to exist. This is absurd on its face but is often parroted by those who believe in political dualism.

The dualists are on the right track. At an instinctual level, they understand that politics is a struggle. Yet they are mistaken. Order is an unlimited good, and chaos is an unlimited evil. So remember, this is a battle of belief, not a contest between moral equivalents. You are fighting against a parasite. They are fighting against God.

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