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Human Biodiversity

Human Biodiversity
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Happy Birth Day

Given the bizarre spergout in response to Bronze Age Pervert’s now infamous “HBD” tweet, I deem it prudent to sidestep the commentary and examine what BAP actually wrote in his tweet. I will examine it sentence by sentence and discern what I find objectionable.

While for the sake of truth, I think facts about racial disparities should be discussed, it’s not good at all politically.

BAP believes that HBD should be discussed but it is not useful in politics. I agree with this. If you look at Trump, or his proxy, Ramaswamy, they are both for a return to “race-blind” politics, which is an obvious improvement to anti-white politics, even if not ideal.

In fact it’s impossible in the present circumstances. Only a myth of race blindness is workable.

In present circumstances universal suffrage democracy in which whites are a minority (and the elections are cheated anyway), it probably is impossible.

You won’t convince some populations that they are inferior by birth and deserve their station in life. You won’t even convince “decent people” from high-achieving populations of this.

Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine why a person of any race (other than the white race) would accept a political formula that elevated another race over their own. People complain all the time about how whites have low in-group preference and other races have strong in-group preference. So, in-group preference will override the “facts.”

On the other hand, discrimination to offset perceived past discrimination or natural inequalities is also felt to be wrong (although I think it would be relatively easy to convince modern populations to accept affirmative action to offset natural inequalities, which is another reason pushing this with a political intention is a big mistake).

Here, BAP is commenting on the fact that “anti-woke” is popular because people understand that the “woke” position of anti-white discrimination is wrong, regardless of whether or not it is “well-intentioned” with the intent to offset past or present inequality. However, if people were convinced that HBD was real, given that affirmative action does have a history of acceptance, a demonstration and acceptance of biological racial differences could actually backfire and lead to a feeling of justification for anti-white affirmative action. The point he is making here is that you can convince people that HBD is real, but you cannot control outcomes. It’s possible that a good outcome could be the result, however, this entire section is moot if you accept the prior statements anyway.

The only solution in short run is race blindness, stopping and reversing all racialization of politics and society. This isn’t my own preference by the way but a statement of fact. The “HBD position” is an impossibility politically and culturally today. Public hypocrisy is the only way out that will be accepted unless you are ready to go the Nietzsche and Gobineau route (and you are not).

In the short run, there is no obvious way to insert HBD into politics in an even remotely successful way; as already established, the solution that is actually being accepted is removing all racialism from society. This is actually happening and it is acknowledged that on a “level playing field” with real “freedom of speech,” whites will come out on top. So it is a good starting point for another level of politics beyond that, because white people will gain a huge advantage in real race-blind politics.

BAP explains his position more in a long response to “The Golden One.”

I agree with everything you say here. But I was talking about public figures and politicians, not us on here. Our job is to tell the truth, but their job is to win and not be marginalized. And I made a statement of fact, not preference, as I say in the post: you can't be a public or political figure in a modern democracy and win on what gets known now as "HBD"; and in particular, these posts were referring to the new crop of "HBD bloggers" like the staff of Aporia mag, Banania, Cofnas, i/o and a few others who are making a big bluff that citing e.g. IQ studies or making the general "HBD" case that races are unequal on matters that affect life outcomes can be used to publicly counter "wokism"; because, as they think, it provides the true explanation of disparities in racial achievement, wealth, etc to counter the claims of the woke; and my claim is this will not work, it's dumb. They don't even understand what causes and sustains woke (it's nothing to do with any of these arguments in fact).

I have never had much interest in “HBD” myself and rarely talk about it, and have always been kind of confused as to what people think the utility of HBD actually is; I refer mostly to IQ statistics people, like Jared Taylor or Edward Dutton, and of course studies on other biological differences. I honestly couldn’t care less whether or not blacks have high or low IQ or Jews have high or low IQ or whatever; white people should be in control of their own countries, and I don’t really care who has what IQ, and I don’t really care either if black criminality is biological or if it is driven by phases of the moon. Obviously, “HBD” is much more than just IQ statistics; I just cite that as one of the most common examples. But if we actually take HBD by itself, it tells us nothing about nations. One could use the HBD argument just as easily to support importing high-IQ immigrants, but this is not desirable either. HBD doesn’t tell us what to do, it just tells us something about why the peoples of the world are as they are. It also doesn’t even suggest per se that lower IQ populations are undesirable; really, HBD is a niche interest that doesn’t actually bolster any nationalist position or harm liberal ones.

It's also important to note that in my comments I referred to the USA specifically, not Europe. The two are different in politics and political culture. In Europe I've long thought that openly identitarian movements can succeed. Salvini's move from Lega Nord to mainstream success is very interesting. It's also I think inconceivable in the USA. But even in that move he had to considerably change his messaging.

Here, BAP makes it clear that he is talking about the USA only.

That said, I ask again where does anyone see politicians, or bureaucrats who make decisions, or other notable public figures who have openly talked about anything like human biodiversity and the inequality of the races. I don't know of any. If this position were so popular as the chimpout against me claims, then it should be easy to win an election on it for example, somewhere, and yet no one has. And no politician has invoked it to support policy or win acclaim. Actually not even in Europe.

Indeed, politicians do not cite HBD studies while at the same time having some success in implementing nationalist policies in certain countries:

If you look to Europe, there are some politicians who have had success in stopping or reducing mass migration, but they never use anything like HBD language, and actually are careful to distance themselves from any hint of "racism," scientific or otherwise. Orban has managed to maintain Hungary relatively migrant-free but identifies as center-right and uses nativist, historical, and cultural nationalism, not racial. When someone sent Richard Spencer to hold a "conference" in Budapest in order to embarrass Orban and associate him with racism, he kicked that group of phonies right out of there. It is in fact the enemies of nationalism and migration restriction in Europe who seek to associate it with "racism," whereas those who want to curb migration or have succeeded in reversing it like Orban seek to distance themselves from it. This is because it's a very unpopular position in society at large now... everyone knows this. The people on here who are trying to get public migration restrictionists or nationalists to invoke "HBD" type studies or blogs are seeking either to sabotage them, or to raise their own social media profiles, or both. (You will note I tell any public figure who may like me to openly disavow me if asked, and certainly never to cite me.)

Indeed, very few peoples’ politics are actually based on hard, scientific information about racial differences. Hungarian nationalists are and would be nationalists regardless, and the Hungarian and European shitlibs aren’t going to stop being liberals even if you convince them of HBD; as BAP mentioned in his original post, HBD can just as easily be used as a hard scientific justification of affirmative action.

If you look at the one nation in Europe that has actually invoked scientific studies extensively, economic studies, etc.--although it should be emphasized, not actually anything overtly having to do with race--it is Denmark. Denmark is a wonderful case and it's possible it could one day be a model case; but the government doing this there is Social democrat, not even right wing. They went this way to neutralize the right wing and coopt their anti-migration position. But it should be noted that in this process, the right wing LET IT HAPPEN for the good of the country, and practiced intense discipline to CUCK in public, distance itself from accusations or associations with "racism," and presented a friendly face. Those factions didn't engage in open "HBD posting" or reference to natural differences between the races or such things. It was all done in a low-key Danish way. In other words the only govt. in Europe that actually invokes something "like" HBD studies, figures, statistics, etc., is an openly "cuck" antiracist Social Democrat govt that is very polite and quiet.

I don’t really know anything about Denmark so I can’t say anything here.

In Europe it's much more possible (also because of proportional representation) to do things like this, as also to openly embrace nationalist nativism, which has nothing or very little to do with discussions of "HBD" or racial statistics or such. Both "race blind meritocracy" as well as "HBD" are systems of "merit," that have nothing to do with with nationalism or nativism--what matters there is who is your own, for good or bad. It is totally irrelevant in that sense that e.g., Chynese score higher than Gabonese on certain tests. Neither would or should be welcome; whereas you must remember that the proponents of HBD in the USA do so in order to encourage migration of "qualified elites" and "model minorities" from Asia for example. But if you're a nativist what exactly does it matter what someone scores, what wealth they have or ability to get wealth or function in a modern economy...who is more "deserving" by nature is irrelevant to who belongs in your country or not, which has to do with questions of lineage, history and culture. Racialism is irrelevant in Europe to make the case for migration restriction, and in fact no one who successfully has restricted migration or is on way to do so has invoked racialist arguments there, because the historical, nativist and cultural case is sufficient, and easier for the public to take.

Here BAP reinforces the point I have been making that HBD really has nothing to do with “nationalist nativism” because you are either for your people or not, regardless of whatever statistics are collected about them.

One thing that's forgotten by spergs online is that the truths shown by "HBD" or truth about differences in human populations is a sad, hopeless and tragic truth, and one that public morality as it exists now can't tolerate. This is why I say you won't ever get a politician in these modern democracies who will ever say something that amounts to, after all the sperglike words are processed, "You are born stupid and lousy; and if you breed within your race, so your children will remain unto the generations." Almost no one wants to hear this. It's very stupid then I think for a politician or public figure to try it. (It could work under a dictatorship with morality quite different from our own, but not as things are now.)

As Edward Dutton has demonstrated in some of his live interview specials, most people simply aren’t interested in entertaining HBD. They don’t want to talk about it because it is in fact “tragic.”

But I think they could try...why not? Let's see. I find it odd that those who chimp against me are so loud online but haven't for the last 8 years tried to contest an election even in proportional-representation Europe while openly embracing this teaching that they assure everyone is so popular. Bust out the IQ graphs, the genetic distance plots. Show it to the people or try to show it in closed committees that make decisions on migration policy. See what happens. My only point is it's actually loathed not only by masses but by all "polite society." And for all the gnashing of teeth, no one has shown any evidence this is other than I say.

Furthermore, HBD essentially amounts to one giant circlejerk. While HBD has certainly helped some people “convert” by helping fracture their liberal priors, for the most part, HBD discussion online is just consume HBD content and then get excited for next HBD content.

What we say on here is important, because the truth must be spoken, but it doesn't translate into policy or real life in any direct way. And every time a direct and open application has been attempted it's compromised both the purity of the truth, as well as made a fool of any politician or public figure who's tried it.

This is not to say that HBD should not be discussed. BAP concludes here with the same statement that he started as, that HBD should be discussed. But “ it doesn't translate into […] real life in any direct way.” HBD is a hobby interest, not something that is practically useful. My parents taught me to avoid black neighborhoods and I have always known to avoid black neighborhoods without HBD and never think about or attempt to apply HBD in any direct way because it is actually entirely unnecessary for normal people to think about.

Tt’s clear that when you actually examine what BAP wrote, he is not suddenly coming out as “anti-racist,” and his Tweets contain very little opinion and mostly facts about how HBD has not been particularly useful to the right in attaining power.

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