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Football! Football! Football!

Football! Football! Football!
Photo by Muyuan Ma / Unsplash

Nixon liked football. So you must like it! Because you like Nixon, right?

If this article were about college football, I’d feel a little different about it. At least college teams represent real institutions in specific localities; many of the players may still be from out of state, but at least there’s that. The NFL, on the other hand, is the epitome of anti-white, black supremacist, rootless cosmopolitan, gay homosex loving, goyslop McDondalds trash.

Here’s a really funny tweet responding to the Chief of MI6 about Russia. We can say the same about what distinguishes the NFL from normal society.

Yes, the NFL wants YOU to be gay. It wants your children to be transexuals.

But…. muh Rome! Muh Coliseum! The idea that “bread and circuses” is something to actively devour because like, well the Romans did it! And you like the Romans, right? I mean what more needs to be said on this. I don’t know about you, but I am a vanguardist, and yes, that does actually mean we “omg can’t just let people enjoy things.”

For anyone who has followed me for a looooong time, about ten years at this point, you’ll know that I used to be a big Star Wars fan. I loved Star Wars. Now I hate Star Wars. I hate everything about Star Wars. Yes, even Andor. If you’re like “well, Disney Star Wars sucks but Andor is kinda good actually…” NO! STFU! Stop supporting them at all! You must hit the escape pod like R2-D2. Look, I am not anti-fun, and yes I still like the pre-Disney Star Wars, but I am not going to engage with it now just because it used to be good in the past. Stop giving money to people who hate you.

I don’t hate the NFL because I am a nerd. I hate the NFL for another reason, but I don't think I should say it.


The NFL is dead. UFC is cool now. Trump goes to UFC fights. Some UFC fighters say somewhat based things now and again. Many people my age put the UFC on rather than “the game” at parties. The Game is over. Long live the Octagon.

Pride month is over. - 9GAG

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