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Don’t conserve institutions that hate you

Don’t conserve institutions that hate you
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At their founding, the institutions of a civilization were created to serve the needs of its citizens and perpetuate their way of life. These organizations transmit and safeguard the values of the culture from which they arise. As a civilization grows and the scale of its operation increases, the people rely more and more on these institutions, which bind an ever-expanding population together and ensure their well-being.Subscribe

Conservatives naturally seek to defend and preserve these institutions. But during a cultural revolution, this impulse can be turned against them. The right needs to rethink how it approaches institutions that have been captured by those who seek to radically alter the character of the nation.

The FBI now tracks and monitors traditional Catholics as enemies of the state. The justice system delivers comically inflated prison sentences to January 6 protesters while handing out free passes to violent leftists. Illegal aliens get public assistance and housing, while drug-addicted vagrants form encampments in major American cities. The sitting president can funnel tens of millions of dollars through his drug-addicted son without penalty while his main political rival is indicted on flimsy charges designed to influence the next election.

America’s institutions certainly have an agenda, but it is clear that they no longer serve the interests of American citizens.

It is entirely understandable that conservatives would want to defend and preserve our ruling institutions. This is their natural disposition. In a healthy civilization, conservation is an important instinct that protects the culture and traditions that have served the people well and made them who they are.

But it is critical for conservatives to understand that these organizations have been re-engineered over decades to destroy the very things they once held sacred. The Department of Education simply indoctrinates. The Department of Defense defends the borders of foreign nations. The Department of Justice ensures that we live under anarcho-tyranny. While these institutions were originally founded with the good of the people in mind, they now exist primarily to transfer wealth to the client classes of the Democratic Party and dismantle American tradition.

No long march to the right

By now, everyone is familiar with the strategy of the “long march through the institutions” that the left used over decades to take control of everything from academia to the corporate boardroom. This constant ideological corrosion allowed leftists to capture America’s ruling institutions and turn them into vehicles for cultural revolution.

Understandably, many conservatives would like to take the same approach to recapture these critical nodes of culture and political power. But this misses a fundamental difference between left and right. The left is a force of chaos that wins through deception and decay, gaining power by breaking the bonds of nature and tradition. Conservatives cannot slowly infiltrate existing institutions the way the left did because conservatism is not a form of civilizational entropy. The mechanics are not the same.

When the right brings order, it does so through creation: New things are built, existing things are maintained, corrupt things are replaced.

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