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Dissident Thoughts #2

Dissident Thoughts #2
Photo by Valentin Salja / Unsplash
The deconstruction of everything

Increasingly, life has lost all structure, purpose and meaning. We look around us and we see chaos. We live in a world that is completely disenchanted. The Frankfurt School believed that if you render everything meaningless then society becomes unworkable. This has been achieved by deconstructing everything of meaning, value and significance often to the point of complete absurdity: among these l include gender, identity, religion, history, family, race, beauty, relationships, language, sexuality, community, the nation and more. Modern leftist thinking says that all of these are merely social constructs, the product of our own biases and unfounded assumptions, so there are no universal truths: meaning is subjective and fluid. This radical interpretation comes from Jacques Derrida, a French philosopher who pioneered the term ‘deconstructionism’ which emphasises the relationship between language and meaning. Derrida believed that meaning is never absolute because the language and concepts behind it are themselves fluid and that ideas should be broken down (that is, deconstructed) in order to understand them better. The left has reappropriated all these ideas and institutions for their own ideological ends and their relentless attack on them has led to anarchy across society. Feminism, critical race theory and LGBT ideology all grew out of deconstructionism to some degree or other.

Truth and value are now subjective. We are meant to believe that a man is a woman after his gender reassignment surgery. But we are also asked what a man is and whether it even matters. We are told that plus-size models are not only beautiful but good for society and good for us. We are also told on a regular basis that our community is better off with 1,000 Bengalis or Africans or Romanians or, better yet, all of them. Then there is the lie that women’s football is the same as men’s football and women should be paid the same as such. Most recently was the outrageous claim that Black Britons built Stonehenge. We are asked why same-sex couples aren’t a good thing. Not forgetting the characterization of Islam as the ‘religion of piece’. The seemingly endless debates, propaganda and conditioning are as exhausting as they are ridiculous. Without wishing to be too cliched, the level of flagrant revisionism and distortions of truth being carried out before us on an almost daily basis makes me recall the final scene in 1984 when Winston Smith can be observed writing ‘2 + 2 = 5’, a scene that, one imagines, would not be out of place in today’s world.

Morality has also been totally deconstructed to the extent where it has actually been inverted in many instances. This is reflected in how the law has changed over the years so that now criminals get away with all manner of crime and anti-social behaviour including drug possession, low-level shoplifting, public disturbances, speeding and not paying when using public transport. All these essentially criminal acts have been decriminalised meaning individuals do not face prosecution or even any fines. More blatant examples of criminal behaviour that go unpunished include the BLM riots, the Just Stop Oil disturbances, the unspeakable degeneracy regularly on display at many LGBT events and the never-ending illegal immigration; in all these instances the perpetrators are often absolved from responsibility and criminal prosecution. Additionally, the general public’s indifference to these acts also speaks volumes about our moral decline. The decline is so extreme that large parts of critical race theory, LGBT ideology and feminism are now a part of official public policy and are openly embraced by the government, being taught in schools as well as being celebrated across all levels of society, from the media and entertainment industry to the church and the police.

The result of all this is that there are no standards or values anymore and, in the public domain at least, truth seems to have all but disappeared. There is nothing guiding people which is precisely why there is so little coherence in modern life. Simply put, people are led by their own selfish desires and as a result everyone is encouraged to do as they please in an atmosphere of total and utter anarchy. Society has collapsed, we live in a fallen world, we live on the ashes of civilisation. Everyday, we can observe in the news, on social media and in our daily lives the chaos and discord that has resulted from this collapse; violence, abuse, pornography, addiction, public disorder of one kind or another, even murder. The deconstruction of truth, morality and meaning has led to the deconstruction of life itself.

This entropic process is one of the primary reasons why people have become so atomized, broken, deracinated and demoralized. Before, we used to see people and institutions that reflected back at us who we were and what we believed. We had stable and cohesive societies based on common values and high trust, social and civic institutions were in tact and crime was much lower. This is no longer the case. Coming to terms with this is not easy, it is hard, but try we must.

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