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DeSantis Puts The Woke Away

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Why does Elon Musk shill for DeSantis?

Musk and his ilk want unlimited, unrestricted business with whomever they want and as many immigrants as they want to import for cheap labor. During Trump’s campaign, he always talked about the economy, trade, jobs, and immigration. All DeSantis talks about is woke this, woke that, and some stuff about coronavirus that no one cares about anymore.

I don’t have particularly strong positive feelings about Trump, and I’m even entertaining Yarvin’s idea that the best thing he ever did was lose to Biden (and maybe it would be better if Biden won again), but after listening to DeSantis announce his run, he revealed himself to be the worst case of all. DeSantis is an automaton manufactured like a 100% aloe vera gel to be applied to the most burning issue irritating the right, which is the “culture war” against the “woke,” (a horrendous term created in a lab). The ludicrous LGBT nonsense will be the easiest thing in the world for the ruling class to take out of the limelight, to fanfare from the right and to the consternation of the left, all while their real interests go completely unmolested, and they get white boys back into their military for their wars.

For all his ineffectiveness, Trump still wants to grab their trade deals by the p*ssy and throw them in the rubbish. Trump will not tolerate anything he sees as a net cash outflow from America, even if it’s buying something without direct cash value, like defense agreements or cultural hegemony. It’s why he opposes the Ukraine war—America is dumping cash into the conflict and getting nothing but vague “geopolitical influence” and some replacement equipment for what it is shipping to the war. The ruling class simply cannot have a guy like this trying to shut down their operations, even if he isn’t very good at it.

If you support DeSantis, all of your opinions are worthless and should be thrown into the volcano of useless ideas for the rest of eternity. I may have been wrong in believing that President Trump would overturn the 2020 election results, but at least it was the right thing to want. If you want President DeSantis, in the immortal words of Terry A. Davis:


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