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But why do they hate you?

But why do they hate you?
Photo by Andre Hunter / Unsplash

I recently appeared on the 2 Bit Podcast. At the end of the show Jason asked me why the Regime (‘They’) hate us. This essay is an edited version of my response. I intended to just post a transcript but it turned into a essay all its own.  Check out the episode for more of my thoughts on the topic.

Why does the Regime hate us?

There are several reasons. There’s a certain ethno-sectarian element that we can’t ignore. I’ll only touch on this briefly because we can easily go into tasteless territory. That's part of it. And not a small part of it.

Another part is that our elites are social planners. Look at what happened in Germany post World War Two, look at Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights Act, all of these things are attempts to engineer certain facets of human nature out of existence. When the engineering doesn't work, they resent you. You are the reason it didn't work.

You see this in the disdain that the ruling class has towards ‘crackers’, ‘peckerwoods’, or ‘rednecks.’ They hate them because social engineering didn't work. They live the same way they always have to a certain degree. They’ve degenerated like the rest of us. The Libertarian attitude, often expressed as “come and take it,” is the default culture of this group. Read Land’s Cracker Factory, essay to see what I mean. They’ve stayed in this same mode of being despite all efforts to engineer them out of existence.

This is the reason the regime resents them. It's the reason that unreconstructed for a long time was a slur. When you were called an unreconstructed Southern, it meant you were this horrible racist hick. It's basically because the social engineering didn't work.

You see another aspect of this in Ellul or Kaczynski. Our Elites made a devil's bargain with technique, with technology, or with the Devil. I believe that all three are very closely linked. That deal was based on the idea that if we can control society, we ought to control everything. In much the same way that the horrors of communism were sort downstream of the intersection between ideology and technique, our elites want to engineer things like group preference, or any basic human difference out of existence.

The last thing, and this is very much related, is that the animating principle of the left is entropy or phrased in another way egalitarianism. They view that all people are the same. And when people aren't, I mean, when people are not meeting that kind of blank slate conception of human nature, that needs to be fixed. That is the end goal. And when that isn't happening, well, who's to blame? It's not them. It's you. Again, it's a paraphrase, Hegel or to paraphrase Land,: ‘If the facts don't conform to ideology, all the worse for the facts.” They will conform reality to their conception of ideology no matter the cost.

To put it another way, the end of modernity is to erase the ability of any people to bear culture. They want us all to be fungible units. Part of this is ideological, part of this is power-political and part is religious. But they hate us because we prove their ideology, is a lie.

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