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Authoring Caesar: Part One

Authoring Caesar: Part One

Western man stands on a precipice before a path ridden with obstacles; behind us lay our progenitors: “old”, “obsolete”, and “incapable”. Whiffs of their essence lay within us, hopefully enough to make a difference. Ahead lies our future, our progeny, and all we will, our canvas. We cannot correct the sleeping, dead past; the horns at the battle of Jericho could not wake it. We must do the needful. This grows more obvious each day that we seek out righteous justice, our birthright. We need the embodiment of our idea in human form, a Caesar, a leader who must come before the decline, lest civilization slide in retreat. We must overlay and superimpose our treatise on being; the man who halts the fall, we must author our truth, and with it weave our Caesar and by his will, the World.

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But how fasted to the rotted moulding canvas of the so-called “enlightenment” have we become? What past stories were corrupted and stained, even unwittingly, by enlightenment impressions? What if this is a useless fantasy bordering on the schizophrenic, and what could providence imbue within us? Have we not been blinded by this malfeasance? How long have we drifted without a helm or keel? How long since we torched our sails and fanned the flames with our prods and paddles? Our civilization huddles in the damp dark recess, staring into the abyssal deep, pleading for mercy. Kali Yuga yawns.

In our Plato’s cave, we stare at the shadows on the walls and destroy the insane who deny our reality. No man directly accesses another’s mind except through stories. These stories become our reality through reference and relation! Through it men are directed to whichever action narrative power demands. Mercy only comes when the authors command it. How much of what we “think” comes from what we experience? How can we conceive of experience without reference? And what of ourselves can we reference? Virtually nothing! Nearly all our reference comes from without, not within. The world-historical epoch (regardless of who or what has written it) is larger than us. We are at its mercy (and believe me, it will show us none); and so we see only what we are shown.

There is a gulf between seeing and being shown. A wild mountain goat sees the world, the dangers, and predators; he is free to live and die by his own bloodied struggle; a sheep is penned, curated and mastered over to live and die at the hands of their shepherd. They see the shepherd’s world as their existence. The Pasture. The Crook. The Shepherd. Sheep never see the knife that takes its life, and only realize it’s over when it’s too late.

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Curation vs. Instinct

Curation, “advertisement”, “education”, scopes and forms. All undeniably push out a vision of the world to show you, not merely what to see but how. Selection of particular commentators, or to have commentators at all! Editorial control, selection of viewpoints; each contributes to power over a narrow range of permissible perspectives, allowable outcomes, and particular narratives. This authors and authorizes a narrow bandwidth of what “reality” is, and which reality you must own and avow; and you must profess this “reality”. To question or deny it is “demented” despite it meaning that one’s mind has become lost, “de-minded”, to think outside the “permissible bandwidth”, despite the contradiction in terms. Although there are plenty of demented people who are quite outside the bandwidth, there is a difference between an insane (and pasteurized) sheep and a wild mountain goat.

This curation becomes like a dam on a river, rarely releasing powerful torrents downstream. Over time it curates more elaborate lies, building the dam higher and broader. The waters build up behind it, flooding more and more of the rear terrain, with more people abandoning the area (as alone the narrative structures cannot support the conceptual load). The amassing waters become undeniable over time, and soon the dam is so high it cannot support the rise. Though the dam may from time to time release some waters, extending its power over time but with diminishing narrative momentum, eventually the dam cannot withstand the weight, the deluge washes forth, wiping away the narrative curation that once blinded all, the truth is set forward and the whole thing collapses. But what is this dam of our “narrative reality” which holds us back from solving the moulding rot with which we currently suffer?

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In the enlightenment view, history is progressing along a linear path, always improving upon the material human condition (and in some views the immaterial). It imagines that the human condition will continually improve, reaching or exceeding a state of civilization similar to Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek”, where man goes without the struggle for material wealth, living in Utopic plenty. One would imagine that this would lead to a lack of conflict, for what need would conflict serve under even a relative utopia?

But even Star Trek cannot imagine this. Conflicts exist in this narrative where humans compete, work with, destroy, and are destroyed by varying alien species. Why? Well even Star Trek isn’t “Utopic”. It is rife with material and immaterial conflict over resources, influence, and control. This is fundamental to reality because limited resources bring competition. In contrast, demand is ceaseless, limitless, except for the dead.

If you meet the needs of a population, they will grow, and then need to expand resources or the new population will go without. This creates expansion pressure. If you create a system that controls population growth, you instead have pressure against natural human behaviour, a pressure of its own, leading to competition within that system, creating conflict over internal control and power, or overprivileged access to the limited resources within the limiting system. The continuous progress of the human condition is not linear, but cyclical, and even if one denies the proof of history, it is proven through the logic of growth maximization leading to shortage and decline when a group fails to expand their resources. It is proof through pain.

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Wisdom vs. Knowledge

Wisdom and experience will always trump knowledge and theory. Wisdom comes from the experience of real-world conditions, as it has contended with and overcome unforeseen conditions and circumstances rather than mere human imagination. Good evidence for this has been pouring out of journals and academic papers regarding the decline in rates of innovation since 1873 AD. During the First and Second World Wars, there were still many innovations per capita, though even by then it had dropped significantly. That drop however is nothing like what we are seeing today: we are reaching levels of innovation nearing that of 1455 AD.

This decline is happening despite the centralization and systemization of corporate bodies having access to a much broader swath of the population but also a greater ability to bring these particular and rare people together to combine their talents. Despite this as well, innovation is dropping off a statistical cliff. We do not know yet what the cause is, but one might speculate that the lack of liberty when it comes to innovation, combined with the lack of urgent necessity (perhaps as a result of decadence), and then looking at the managerial incentives demanding “something to show for the investment of time and money” leading to middling, stagnant, and inconsequential changes, combined again with a homogeneous monolithic corporate culture, one might possess a modicum of theory as to how we got here.

Throughout the 20th Century, the size of the State, Corporations, and Unions grew massively, and innovation declined similarly. For as much as the existing power structures want to signal diversity, inclusion, and equity, we find our systems becoming more and more uniform, exclusive, and unfair.

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The theory of linear history holds little weight in comparison to the obvious, clear, and experiential existence of cyclical history. For all the talk of linearity, we see no progress within the framework. If linearity were true, “progress” should occur when theories posited through it are practiced, leading to incremental change.

With welfare, for example, the idea is that recipients would get a hand up from a bad situation, so they didn’t have to suffer, and get their life together to get employed or start a business. Instead, welfare has bred generations of people who rely on the dole, who spend their whole lives contributing little to nothing to the greater society. In many cases, they not only take through the dole systems (welfare/false-claimed disability) but they actively damage the system (theft, rape/violence, murder). They become dependent on the dole, which is by any normal measure, regression.

Poverty too runs cyclically, or perhaps it appears linear but soon devolves into a death spiral of maximized suffering. Very rarely does someone escape welfare traps, but the system makes these success stories the narrative focal point. Each and every time a proponent of the linear view is shown a failure in their theory, they explain it away as if it wasn’t the fault of theory, but of practice. It is utterly contemptible and cowardly.

Democracy vs. Power

Western “democratic institutions” (as they would self-describe) are a tremendous cope for the boomer generation which has utterly failed to understand their world-historical place. This system of interlocking institutions once offered the greatest material wealth in not just the contemporary world, but all of world history! Now, as it fails to provide basics like decent food and housing to an ever-shrinking middle-class, the eternal Boomer clings to their “constitution”, “charter”, and “patriotism”, like the pathetic character of Uncle Rico from the film Napoleon Dynamite, reminiscing:

“…Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.”

But the fourth quarter came, Boomers. The fourth quarter came and the coach (fate) put you in at QB. You made one throw for a few yards, things were looking okay. But then you did a QB sneak and got hammered by the linebackers. All you have done for the forty years since is take a knee and run out the clock. The now common kneeling at sports games is the ultimate Boomer surrender. You think you won, but you were already losing. You were coaxed by the media and authors of your reality to blow through your children’s inheritances in the biggest YOLO in human history. You grew lazy, fat, and degenerate. You stopped building and never stopped consuming.

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Yet Boomers (and others) still cling to the notion of democracy, as if it were some sort of god. According to H.H. Hoppe, this god failed, and Boomers who cling to hope are floating on a stinking, rotting corpse. Likewise, Boomers are created in the image of their failed god and are taking on the same stinking, rotting form. Now having melded with the object of their worship, cannot separate in any meaningful manner. The Boomers cannot save us. The Boomers can’t do anything at all, especially at this point. They are political zombies:

“Consume low-quality boomer memes. Self aggrandize. Do nothing. Do not even respect the world in flames enough to piss on it. After all: Après vous, le déluge.”

The solution must come from the millennial generation. Yes, that’s a stark realization, I know. But the Zoomer generation is incapable. Generation Alpha is hardly out of diapers. Generation X has no more possibility than the Boomers do because they are essentially nihilists. It will be the millennials who stand to inherit most of the problems directly. Millennials cannot afford homes. This is a historical failure beyond the magnitude of most problems, given it is such a simple issue to deal with in any other time. The combination of the insane Boomer drive to have the home serve as a savings and retirement account, along with the insane Boomer drive to preserve the value of that investment through strict zoning and housing by-laws, by which they benefit directly at the expense of everyone else in the market through control of effective housing supply.

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People who say: “We need regulations or things will become chaotic” never look at the actual consequences of their position, being that their children and grandchildren will never own a home, if they even have offspring or heirs, and so our civilization will eventually disappear. When they later come to claim: “We didn’t know any better,” well they are damn right! And if you don’t know any better then you don’t start tearing down fence posts whose purpose you don’t understand.

This idea is lost on them. They will not get it nor will they ever agree. But this doesn’t matter as it is only a stumbling block if you think democracy has value. What needs to be done, needs to be done. You cannot put all the economic power into a single class of people and have any sort of an honest system, because those on the outside will become either resentful and angry, or suicidally content. No civilization can survive this. So-called “Democratic norms” must be upended if any of our civilization is to survive. This is the only path, there is no time for any other route. Power must be taken and change must come or it will be curtains. To worship democracy now is to pray to a dead and false god. It is a suicidal death cult that needs to end. It needs to be cleared out. There needs to be a new start. This is an invocation of the cyclical historical view. The narrative is set, and one will rise to meet the challenge. Who will it be? Who will save the West from utter annihilation?

Will & Action

It is no longer a question of where “passive evolution” will take us as a civilization: destruction, the Great Darkness. To simply allow things to go on in some sort of passivity is to allow malfeasance to write our story, to make us the antagonist in our own narrative epoch. What scandal would that be? Hoisted by our own petard for all of human history? The civilization which at its peak, decided to starve itself to death because it could not sacrifice the Lamb for its own nourishment, ironically a symbol of Christendom and pre-Christendom for some twenty centuries!

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The West needs someone with the will to act, the will to make sacrifice, the will to move the ball forward and push the rotting stink out to the heap of festering sewage to which it rightfully belongs. These institutions are rotten skeletal forms, ready to be the whip-hand for any worthy Caesar. The worst you can face is eternal, glorious death, and that certainly beats eternal insignificance. The struggle itself is inevitably gruesome: but the essential contrast is civilizational annihilation or glory beyond belief. If you cannot manage Caesarism, you must help author him into the world. Write about what must be done! Tell others what must be done! An Age of Heroes is inevitable, but it must be authored. You must give it the authority which it deserves. For every Iliad an Achilles, for every Achilles, an Alexander and, for every Alexander, a Caesar.

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We must manifest the Great Man to awaken us from our decadent slumber. Every time the Boomer approaches the Rubicon he kneels and surrenders to the zombified God “Democracy” which progressives wear as a rotted-out skin suit. There is no God in that form to fear! The curtain is pulled back and you can see who wields the false forms behind! The disgusting flesh monstrosity makes the Boomer cower in fear, it is up to us to clear out the stinking filth and renew! Your right to rule is determined by the totality of your victory! Clear out the rotting filth!