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Asha Logos, a content creator whose channel everyone in Our Thing should be subscribed to, recently put out a call for parallel institutions on our side of things. This article serves as both an answer and a further call, like the relayed trumpeters atop watchtowers on the borders of East Prussia, whose calls warned the Teutonic Order of piratical Danes and marauding Slavs. Here, I intend to give shape to the ephemerally floating idea of Parallelism.

Following January 6th, parallelism entered our collective consciousness as a result of the self-reflection that always comes post-treachery. Instinctively, many of us realized that Trump was the last chance at a peaceful solution of institutional reform. It was the revelation that the institutions were the very source of the hostile elite, rather than a victim of them, which led to this conclusion.

Resistance to the current ruling elite, real resistance, is not building a compound in Waco. It’s not moving to a cabin in Montana all alone. Nor is it driving truckloads of explosives into Federal Buildings. No, it’s moving to a neighbourhood in an area outside of the cities, then helping your friends obtain the means to move there with you. This is what resistance is: Building apolitical communities which actively affirm our values – best articulated by the late President of Peru, Oscar Benavides Larrea, “For my friends, everything. For my enemies, the law.”

This article intends to give the ‘five Ws’ for all aspiring parallels, to give a more tangible shape to what parallelism ought to look like, and why it’s essential to the survival of the side of truth.


The who is you. The dear reader who holds values that could be described, in common internet tongue, as “Based.” It also includes all your friends who agree with you. It does not include your basic bitch Conservative or Tory friends. And, as much as I hate to say it, neither does it include your culturally degraded (pozzed) family members. Consider the following:

In order to build a community, the who is the most important of all five considerations. Communities entirely centre around their membership. Hence, you can have a community without a place (such as the Jewish community) but not a place without a community. So, the membership of anything which claims to be parallel needs to be as strictly controlled as which controlled opposition gets Peter Thiel money.

That means communities can’t be built on people like your 26 y/o cousin who has an undergrad Poli Sci degree from State College 54, works as a Paralegal for a shitty firm, and whose personality is liking to take it from the back (or the average Red Scare listener.) Or her mother, your 48 y/o Aunt (twice divorced who lives vicariously through reporting her family members to the police for violating lockdown.) If your family is based or has the potential to be, by all means, bring them along. But if your family is part of the 60%, or even worse, active participants in the cultural degradation, they are to be essentially written off your membership list, when it comes to community building.

The same goes without saying for your friends sans basado, including Fraternity Brothers, old Football Teammates, your pal Eddy from the pub, College Roommates you still talk to, and so on. All of these are drains on your value to Our Thing. If you’re unwilling to ditch them, that quite frankly proves how much value you were going to be when the going got tough. And I assure the dear reader, the going will get tough.

This leaves us asking, who will be let into the community? In response, I present the dear reader with the following formula:

Friend Group → Community → Political Organization

The audience of this article is male. I suggest they find (or make) a based friend group. This does not refer to the group chat on Instagram, on Scyldings, your Twitter pals, etc. This refers to living, breathing, real-life friends who live (somewhat) close to you or are willing to come to you (or you to them.) Social media is a fantastic way to meet these people, but so is participating in certain social activities:

  • Gyms, specifically power-lifting or related Gyms. This does not include Planet Fitness.
  • Martial Arts Gyms or Dojos.
  • Workplaces that preclude hard labor or long hours, e.g.
  • Construction Sites
  • Trucking
  • Back of House in Restaurants (believe it or not)
  • Tradework or Contracting
  • Farms and Ranches
  • Factory Work (real factories)
  • Mining, etc.
  • Join a volunteer Fire Department (in the States.)
  • Go to a Biker Bar or Football Pub
  • Literally any dominant masculine activity, they do exist.

It is on you, the dear reader, to join or build a friend group from the above activities or ones related. Obviously, you may experience a setback, get blown off, or not find anything. But this is where the heroic spirit you claim by being right-wing must be utilized.

A final few notes: Make sure you actually like the people or at least respect them. These are supposed to be friend groups after all, and it’s hard to be friends with someone you dislike for whatever reason, even if they’re based. Know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. If you’re social and outgoing, the duty is on you to be welcoming to others. If you’re introverted, the duty is on you to get over yourself. Friendships are a difficult thing and take time, but if you use those powers of perception that I know you all possess, you can tell when something feels natural or not.

Most importantly, no women within the friend group! This is a life-or-death issue. Apologies to any women readers, but Women just have a way of destroying male friend groups that they cannot control, nor can a man control. It’s in-built in Psychology (and if you ask me, Metaphysics) that group dynamics become hostile between men when a woman is introduced. It’s acceptable to have girlfriends or wives around, but not ideal. If this occurs, it must be understood that 1) Any Woman is not “A Friend” or “In the Group” in any way outside their boyfriend/husband bringing them along to an outing, 2) No woman is brought around in isolation, another wife or girlfriend must be present, and 3) The wives/girlfriends tagging along occurs rarely or at least infrequently.

To the female readership (or at least for the male readership to tell their females,) I advise the following: find a man who is based. Make friends with his friends’ girlfriends. I understand you have your own friends, and it’s on you to keep that separate from the male friend group (especially if they aren’t based,) or to forget them entirely. I have no further words on this.

In conclusion, the who is the most important part of parallelism. We don’t do Right-Wing NGOs, as that is not our strength. Our strength is through trust and friendship with each other, and a shared understanding that our values make us targets of the world order, and all we have is each other. From friends come communities, from communities come bonds and meaning.


The dear reader will forgive me this short passage, as I feel Parallelism must be defined as briefly as possible to avoid any confusion over what it is: Parallelism is the creation of Based Friend Groups with the purpose of building Based Communities to outlast the current regime, to survive the collapse of the regime, and to rebuild after the collapse. By any means necessary.

Any further elaboration would be redundant.


Presupposing the creation of the Based Friend Group, the following comes once each member is realistically able to start a life. This is why the who is so important, these people will literally be your neighbours for (ideally) the rest of your life, and you will all be expected to work together, to share money and resources, in order to build a community in a foreign place.

As of now, I can count the number of based communities in the west on one hand, and they’re never consciously so. This means that it doesn’t help us to move to Caucasoid County, Nebraska, where the populace has been just as pozzed as the rest of the country, despite (or perhaps, because of) having the lowest crime rate in the state. These places haven’t been blacked yet because it sucks to live there, and they have zero relevance politically. No, we need to think a bit differently if we want to build something to last.

It goes without saying that a proposed place to build a community should be outside of cities. I would propose at least fifty miles away from any urban area unless circumstances prevent this. In such a case, I would choose an area with a low enough population and is easily isolated. When selecting a location, the following criteria should be in mind:

  • Location: Is it suburban? A small town? A rural area? Where is the nearest population center? How close or far is it from the coast? Are there major waterways nearby? Minor? What’s the climate? What’s the terrain? The biome? Are there any major government facilities nearby?
  • It is crucial you heavily research and visit any location you intend to move to with your Friend Group and come up with at least three options.
  • Water Infrastructure: As has been so astutely pointed out by @Peter_Nimitz on Twitter, the history of humanity is a footnote in the history of hydrology. When looking to build a parallel community, water will be a key factor in choosing a place.
  • What are the bodies of water (both fresh and salt) nearby? Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs, underground Aquifers, etc.
  • What is the water infrastructure? How old are the pipes? Is the water near the community or is it pumped in from elsewhere? How easily is the water made potable?
  • What’s the rainfall like?
  • How much of local agriculture revolves around cross-regional irrigation?
  • Any more information about the water in the area must be drawn.
  • Food Situation: After water, the availability of food in the region you choose to move to needs to be considered.
  • How much food is produced in the region? This should be investigated thoroughly as farmers often under (or over) report their crop or are paid by the government to dispose of their crop in order to create artificial shortages.
  • What kind of food is produced there? Think corn, beef, wheat, milk, etc. How much of each? Is it industrial type farms, or smaller subsistence farms?
  • What is the food distribution infrastructure? How many stores are in the region? Where does the food come from?
  • After the water situation, the food situation must also be thoroughly considered.
  • Local Government & Law: The local political situation of any area must be looked at. This includes property laws, as well as local residency laws and requirements. Most local government offices have information and will be very helpful to you especially if you’re considering moving there.
  • What are the local laws regarding property? Weapons?
  • What’s the makeup and character of local Law Enforcement?
  • What crimes are locals being tried for/convicted of? This information should be available in court databases online.
  • Nationally, what party has the region generally supported?
  • What do local, state (or provincial,) and national taxes look like living in this area? Can the friend group claim to be dependents of one member for tax breaks?
  • Local Economy: A necessary evil, this must be considered as you and your friend group must ingratiate themselves with the community and start stockpiling resources in order to build their own.
  • What is the cost of living here?
  • What work is generally available? How much does it pay?
  • Is skilled or unskilled labor needed?
  • If the latter, expect to see large groups of migrant workers in the community.
  • What’s the average education level in the community?
  • The Local Culture: While intangible, the cultural makeup of the community is very important to consider.
  • What’s the History of the area?
  • What’s the area known for? Is it a reflection of reality?
  • What are the demographics of the community? Does the community self-segregate? If so, where are the “No-go” zones?
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the age and gender makeups of the community. Communities with lots of elderly and females need strong young men to keep them functioning.
  • Are there significant language or cultural practices which you should be aware of?
  • Are there significant language or cultural practices which you should be aware of?

These are a small sample of the questions you and your Friend Group should be asking before a place is selected. Once a suitable place (or ideally, multiple places) has been found, start looking to pool resources in order to purchase land and a house of some sort in the area. Ensure it’s big enough to house your entire friend group. I understand it will be uncomfortable, but it’s temporary. It’s easier to have a sort of Right-Wing dorm/hostel than it is to acquire five-plus different houses at once. Have the friend group contact local employers, send letters of introduction to local government officials. If a group of five or more men all move into an area at once, the community will take notice, especially if it’s smaller. It’s always better to be gracious, courteous, and outgoing, especially in the beginning.

Then work. Bring home paychecks and store them in the house. Acquire protection. Try to have it such that someone is at the house at all times. Find local women or bring your women with you. Integrate yourself with local gov’t or families. Acquire more property. Invite friends to the hostel, help them find a job. Once established, have people run for local gov’t. If friends have Legal or Law Enforcement training or are just interested, have them apply for jobs. The key is to work as a group and to work under whichever friend is acknowledged as the leader of said group because every group will need one. Pool Resources. Trust your friends (you should already do this) to put their paychecks in. If any of your friends get greedy, the whole thing fails and y’all are “shit outta luck”. Choose carefully, but once you have, trust them until they give you reason not to.

You can add to, but not subtract from the above advice.


Right now. Tomorrow. Next week. Anytime you can. We are living on borrowed time, and friends need to be found as soon as possible. Living situations are what they are, but friend groups need to have these ideas introduced in a serious manner. Plans need to be laid. No matter what course of action you choose, the following rule must be used: The sooner the better.


Parallelism is not a way forward; it is the only way forward. The system has every single dollar in the world behind it. They have a massive amount of power. They can create means out of nothing. Fighting is pointless, especially with the increasing tyranny in western countries. This is not a blackpill, it’s a whitepill. The system is doomed to either collapse or become predictably corrupt, as opposed to unpredictably corrupt as it is now.

The only way to survive whatever comes (and it won’t be FBI swat teams,) is to have friends you trust and to turn that trust into resources in the material world. Otherwise, we will remain just as atomized as the consumers we differentiate ourselves from.

This article is just a collection of ideas I’ve had in terms of turning Parallelism from a term used in forty-five minute YouTube videos, to a tangible concept Our Thing is in the process of executing. As Asha Logos said, our strength that the system does not have, is the creation of Real Value. If you have a group of friends, any of whom you’d die for, and you know how to turn that into a community, you’re unstoppable and an asset to the cause.

I hope this will only be the beginning of several ideas around parallelism, and that this inspires plans to start being put into action.