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A Plague Of Hagues

Responding to William Hague's Age of Migration article

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It’s difficult not to give yourself over entirely to despair and despondency in these times. I wasn’t planning to write about immigration. I have another, more culturally orientated article I was working on. The problem though is that the nuances of a movie or book evaporate as soon as you come into contact with an article such as the one written by Tory luminary William Hague, yesterday in the Times.  As a content creator, I try to keep abreast and up to date with what my peers are writing about, particularly here on Substack. There’s a degree of incentive to have the novelty take and niche, to wander into the digital wilderness and stick a flag in the virgin territory and claim an issue: transgender, technocracy, the internet itself, Agenda 2030, or political philosophy. The post-liberal scene of disgruntled Gen Xers and Millennials on Substack are aware of the problems associated with mass immigration but the issue has the whiff of the plebiean and low-status about it. Nevertheless, the flow of foreigners into our living space continues unabated, day in and day out.

A few years ago when I began to pay more attention to the Schwabian Great Reset issue and the associated vaccination programs and climate policies, I reasoned that, while the emerging future of transhumanism, digital surveillance and AI automation would be a horror show, it might at least wind-down the Great Replacement. The so-called Great Reset would crush our spirits and — literally and as a matter of policy — negate our humanity. But it would also be a world of Kubrickian sterility and utilitarian order, not the chaotic favela and ethnically driven war-zone of a dwindling white population desperately seeking sanctuary in their own lands. Alas, it would appear that we’re going to get both, however paradoxical and incoherent that might seem. Artificial Intelligence and automation will make millions unemployable, but at the same time, we need an endless flow of labour from the Third World. As a nation, we need to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption levels, but we also need more consumers and bodies engaged in production.

Of course, to point out the obvious fact that these two elite-driven agendas are mutually exclusive and totally at odds with each other assumes that the policymakers themselves are driven to some degree by reason and not malice.

Writing in the Times within a week of France’s immigrant population torching its major cities, top Tory William Hague came out with an article so mind-bending its title warrants a full-screen cap.

The rightwingers he’s referring to are his fellow conservatives, who actually believe in nothing except neoliberal economics. The message is clear: If you’re struggling with the reality of minority white cities now, just wait, because this is only the beginning and pretty soon you’ll also be a minority in every town and village, every Shire and hamlet. But don’t worry, we’re doing work-shop struggle sessions to cobble together yet another new national identity to facilitate it.

To be fair to Hague, he’s merely pulling an old thorn out from under the Tory fingernail where it’s been wedged for years, namely, that they have no interest whatsoever in representing what their voters want and are tired of pretending otherwise. The good people of places such as Sevenoaks are being told directly that they will have to witness their idyllic Shire flattened out into a plain of concrete and, hopefully, the stabbings, rapes, and burnings will be kept to a minimum. Just lie back and think of the GDP.

You can’t vote your way out, and the establishment is exhausted with the pretense that you have that possibility too. You can try and organize your own party if you dislike what’s on offer but don’t be surprised when you’re de-banked and you can’t register it because the party logo doesn’t match the bureaucratic requirements.

Hague, and the rest of them, speak in terms of the “inevitability” of mass immigration, which in actual fact is just another load of slick patter to absolve themselves of responsibility. It is, then, inevitable that Africans will not control their birth rate which means it is inevitable that they won’t be able to sustain themselves and it is inevitable that climate change will result in drought. It is therefore inevitable that they will move north and it is inevitable that Europeans will not be able to use force to secure borders because it is inevitable that supranational institutions will be able to override national governments. It is inevitable that as a result of all the other inevitabilities you will be made to feel vulnerable and alienated in the land of your ancestors, in the favela where once an ancient village stood.

Am I being unnecessarily doom-laden? Should I have simply proceeded with my other article and avoided this apocalyptic naysaying and scab-pulling? The problem, ironically, comes down to the inevitability of things.

To turn away from the horror of the real, and its seeming inevitability is to engage in intellectual dishonesty. However, to dwell too long on it is macabre, which is why many people don’t. It’s easier to spend time refuting transhumanism or transgender issues or “Woke” more generally because there’s more intellectual meat for a writer to sink their thoughts into. And, at the end of the day, there’s no solution ready to hand to deal with the demographic problem. People talk in a cautious manner about “getting out” and you hear questions such as “What about Eastern Europe? Romania seems safe, and so does Hungary”. The William Hagues of this country have made such discussions “inevitable”. For decades people voted to halt the flow, to no avail, they tried to remonstrate within the accepted discourse and were ignored and now, finally, the establishment mask comes off. But that doesn’t make the replacement wanted, it merely ushers in the next phase: flight.

And, lest we forget, dear reader, all of this is taking place under a system that still wears the fancy dress costume of liberal democracy. Thus, such policies aren’t genocidal or crimes against humanity, because we can vote. Your vote doesn’t matter but that’s by the by because it still has the name.

Still, I suppose now we’re fully embarking on endless racial replacement we can at least breathe a sigh of relief that the Schwabian technocracy has been sidelined. That is until we venture further down into Hague’s article:

In addition, for any government, the introduction of a digital identity system should be part of clarifying the right of an individual to live and work here.

The term “Problem, reaction, solution” has become a little hackneyed and overused in recent years, but that’s only because it perfectly describes the manner in which the ratchet clicks forth, squelching all that is true and beautiful between the teeth of each click. The Scylla of endless immigration meets the Charybdis of technocratic control. I have entertained the idea that, along with all the other problems being willfully created by the establishment, overloading of infrastructure and engineering a housing shortage is a feature, not a bug, of the program.

We are, then, under a full-spectrum assault.

William Hague read politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford. He has one of the most prestigious educations the Western World can provide. Yet, despite that, his politics do not differ from the politics of the average 18-year-old feminist being pumped out of the education system fully loaded with the latest porridge in her brain.

How would Hague, with his superior education and breadth of knowledge read and conceptualize this essay that I am writing now?

In going heavy on the doom, in “laying it on a bit thick”, I wish to give substance of some sort to an increasingly prevalent attitude in Britain. It’s an attitude that exists despite the nudge units and NGOs and myriad laws created to silence people, despite a network that will only increase its size and scope due to the wholly unnatural circumstances being forced on the native population. It is the attitude, the sentiment, that we’re being led to the slaughter.

To write a piece in which I express no irony or sarcasm and deploy no winks or inside jokes, in which I write clearly and with intent that I believe many people think their government is out to annihilate them, probably contravenes some policy or protocol of some sort. But, of course, that’s why they were created to begin with.

Still, what exactly would William Hague’s response be to this sentiment? Is it that I’m a conspiracy theorist or merely racist? Perhaps these are extremist views held just by a minority. Except we know that he knows that is not the case because he specifically mentions the surging support for nationalist and populist parties across the continent. In other words, he can not fall back on a position of popular support or the “Age of Migration” being the will of the people. Public will is, for these people, merely a problem to be solved with technical expertise, rather than something to be taken seriously. Alternatively, it could be argued that William Hague, his party, and the entire political class are the true problem that must be solved if the British people and civilization more generally are to survive.

This is an opinion I hold until it too is illegal or detected by my digital ID which will be embedded in the compulsory smart devices in my home. Once more then, we must ask ourselves how the most educated people in our society can be so psychotic, corrupt, or insane that they fail to address these latent fears that ordinary folk such as myself express. If they do not wish to be viewed as filth and a plague, then they should stop behaving in this manner.

Fundamentally, the age of migration isn’t inevitable but in a civilization devoid of any higher values or virtue, the William Hagues are. They appear like scurvy and bleeding gums on a vitamin-deficient body. A lifetime of studying classical literature and philosophy matters not a jot because there’s no fire to kindle, just ashes and dust to be assembled in the right order to give the appearance of competence.

They are a plague, and it would seem we shall not be able to eradicate them any time soon. We can, at the very least, hope to offset the worst of the symptoms by being conscious of them as a disease and the subsequent dangers they pose to our loved ones and ourselves.

Like any other plague, they’re to be endured and survived until, one day, hopefully, the air clears once more…

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