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Ten Commandments out, Pride banners in

Ten Commandments out, Pride banners in
Photo by Sean Foster / Unsplash

The ACLU and several other civil rights groups are supporting a federal lawsuit to strike down a new Louisiana law that mandates the Ten Commandments be displayed in public school classrooms. These civil rights groups claim they are protecting “separation of church and state” and that public schools are no place for religious indoctrination.

The lawsuit arrives during Pride Month, when hundreds of government organizations, including educational institutions, declare their everlasting devotion to the cult of LGBTQ. Due to a concerted effort by militant activists, the United States has transformed into a country where displaying Pride and Black Lives Matter banners in the classroom is normal, but posting the Ten Commandments in a classroom is unconstitutional.Subscribe

With the culturally ubiquitous celebration of all things queer during the month of June, it can be easy to forget that the current phase of the civil rights revolution is relatively recent. During the Democratic presidential primary of 2008, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton declared their steadfast support for the traditional definition of marriage being between one man and one woman. That same year, California passed Proposition 8 with 52% of the vote. That measure enshrined the traditional definition of marriage in that bluest of blue state’s constitution.

Clinton and Obama were most certainly lying about their real positions, but the fact that they were compelled to do so tells you much about the controversy surrounding the issue at the time. The fact that almost half of Republicans now support gay marriage, putting them to the left of both Clinton and Obama in 2008, also tells you a great deal about how quickly conservatives conform to power.

Most LGBTQ activists in 2008 were still debating whether nationwide gay marriage was even a possibility and, in many cases, offered civil unions as a compromise. In present-day America, voicing mild disagreement with the child mutilation ritual known as “transitioning” will get you fired from any major corporation or government position. The FBI, which has targeted traditional Catholic services for surveillance and intimidated parents who oppose gender indoctrination in schools, now proudly posts pictures of its agents marching in Pride parades.

How did LGBTQ ideology go from a controversial issue that even left-wing candidates had to distance themselves from to the official state religion in less than two decades?

The modern interpretation of the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment has been an unmitigated disaster. In the mind of most Americans, it has created a separation of church and state that bans even the mere acknowledgment of religion. And yet the Bible was the foundational text of Western civilization for over 1,000 years. Even those who did not personally believe in Christianity were steeped in its language, understanding that the archetypes and narratives contained within the Bible formed the basis for their shared culture. The idea that students could understand Shakespeare or Milton without being deeply familiar with the holy text was considered absurd.

By expelling biblical education from public schools in the name of secular neutrality, we effectively banned Western culture. Now, our children speak the shared language of gay race communism instead.

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