This is an evolving story, and so in an effort to not date the below too much – we shall focus on some wider context, rather than the exact events unfolding. But it remains to be established that – subsequently to buying a significant stake in Twitter and refusing to be integrated into the existing …

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I include these threads to give a general sense of where the sphere is. People are dissatisfied, many of them important. They are centres of thought and culture among our sphere and the moons which orbit these embattled suns. Most of us joined this sphere around 2015 or 2016, as we were receptive to the energy around Trump and his consequences. Ideas once held by fringe minorities who could count their adherents in the dozens nationwide have now exploded into entire subcultures. Those of us on the younger side can’t remember a time before this era, largely because the time before this era was a desert encroaching on our inner lives.