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It’s time to talk about mass deportations

It’s time to talk about mass deportations
Photo by Mortaza Shahed / Unsplash

It wouldn’t be an election year without another amnesty scam, and the Biden administration has delivered right on schedule, drafting multiple proposals that would grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

The plan from the left is simple: Ignore the law and leave the border open while Democrats are in office, then force amnesty programs onto the public to solve the problem they created. Progressives are using open borders to transform the United States demographically and reshape the electorate to their advantage.Subscribe

Biden may be unpopular now, but Democrats understand that millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the country under his watch translates into generations of electoral dominance in the future. The disastrous Biden presidency is a sacrificial vehicle designed to deliver permanent left-wing domination. Mass deportation is the only way to undo this subversion of the American electoral system.

Mass democracy is a comically easy system to hack. If ruling elites can no longer control the voting patterns of their current population, they simply import a new population that is easier to manipulate.

Newly arrived immigrants generally have lower incomes, face a language barrier, and do not have access to an established social network that can provide them opportunities or assistance. This means they are highly reliant on the government and can be manipulated easily by the promise of aid programs and preferential treatment. Illegal immigrants are also less likely to value the shared culture, principles, and history of their new nation, making them the ideal subject for a political movement that seeks to fundamentally transform the United States.

Leftists often mock conservatives who frame illegal immigration as a threat to election integrity by pointing out that noncitizens cannot vote, but this is a deeply dishonest argument. Several progressive cities already allow for noncitizen voting in local elections, and there is a clear desire to normalize the idea nationwide.

No one is sure how many illegal aliens end up voting fraudulently in presidential elections, but ultimately that is not the most important issue. The major concern isn't about illegal votes in current presidential contests but about the electoral time bomb created by importing tens of millions of illegal immigrants who will almost certainly receive amnesty.

The media skillfully parades images of suffering migrants across American television screens. Reporters never ask how those illegal immigrants arrived or why they were allowed to stay, treating the entire situation as a natural disaster requiring emergency measures. The pressure to provide amnesty to illegal aliens who have lived in the country for decades builds while birthright citizenship ensures their children can already vote. Some Republicans foolishly believe they can ingratiate themselves with immigrant communities by providing amnesty, thereby adding tens of millions of overwhelmingly Democratic voters to the rolls.

Securing the border is obviously the top priority, but while necessary, it is no longer sufficient. During Biden's tenure, authorities have encountered over 8 million illegal aliens at the border, and that number keeps growing. Several red states’ worth of “newcomers” already reside in the country, and if they stay until they inevitably receive amnesty, Democrats would effectively achieve one-party rule. Politicians should have treated border security with the same seriousness they ascribe to the borders of foreign nations like Israel or Ukraine, but now we must face the reality of the problem before us.

Donald Trump has already promised mass deportations during his second term, even considering deploying the National Guard to get the job done. The former president made similar statements in 2016, but he must fulfill this promise if the right wants to avoid permanent electoral irrelevance. While both parties treat the issue of mass deportation as anathema, voters do not share this view.\

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