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Everyone knew the Biden presidency was a scam

Everyone knew the Biden presidency was a scam
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

After a disastrous debate performance, the news media, which had been shamelessly gaslighting the public over Joe Biden’s cognitive capacity for years, seemed to turn on the president in unison. Biden stuttered, stumbled, and bumbled his way through a grueling 90 minutes during which he alternated between slurring his confused answers and staring into nowhere with his mouth agape.Subscribe

Examples of the president’s cognitive decline have become so prevalent that journalists were forced to label any embarrassing videos of the geriatric commander in chief as “cheap fakes” in the hopes of shaming the public into ignoring the obvious. Despite this deep investment in running cover for Biden’s senility in the past, anchors on networks like CNN and MSNBC spent their post-debate spin sessions speculating on the possibility that the elderly leader might need to step aside. This discussion was treated as a sudden revelation instead of acknowledging the self-evident fact: The Biden presidency was a scam from the start.

The election of 2020 was probably the most contentious presidential result since 1876. The American people were asked to believe that Biden, who hid in his basement for much of the campaign, also won the most votes in the nation’s history. The future president was in better shape back then, but it was still quite clear that he was starting to lose the ability to recall key facts or engage in discussion for extended periods. Even in 2020, several pundits joked that they did not care if Biden collapsed and was replaced after his election if he kept Donald Trump out of the White House.

The regime officials went all out to prevent Trump’s re-election. They raised pandemic fears to an apocalyptic level, actively encouraged coordinated race riots across the nation, and radically transformed the voting process forever. Even if one doubts the more salacious claims of voter fraud, Mollie Hemingway’s excellent book “Rigged” lays out how tech CEOs, government actors, Democratic operatives, and the media openly colluded to defeat the incumbent president. An oligarchy installed Biden as president, never expecting him to fulfill the duties of the office.

Biden started his term with at least some degree of awareness, but it has been clear for the last few years that he has not been running the show. The American people are completely unaware of who, in fact, is responsible for disastrous inflation, open borders, and endless foreign war, which is exactly how the ruling class likes it. Oligarchies prefer to avoid accountability, and Biden creates the perfect shield. An unspecified set of elites make decisions in the shadows, and then the shambling zombie of a president is wheeled onto the stage to read a teleprompter and take the heat.

None of this resembles the system outlined in Article II of the Constitution, but no one seems to care. The corporate press praises how spry Biden looks and dismisses contrary evidence as “fake news.” Conservative commentators play endless videos of Biden wandering the stage after forgetting where he is but still pretend the president is responsible for his administration's decisions. While it’s common for presidents to delegate significant tasks to advisers, it’s clear that under Joe Biden, unelected bureaucrats and power brokers have completely captured the Oval Office.

When it comes to public discourse, setting the frame is key. The frame of a discussion delineates its boundaries. While endless speculation and debate may fill that frame, the discussion is ultimately defined by the space the media has created to contain it. If you, as a journalist with a duty to hold the powerful accountable, had instead propped up an obvious fraud, how would you avoid the consequences?

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