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How the Nixon shock changed the world forever

This term has fairly universally negative connotations, but in treating it as such, we risk throwing out far too much, and dissuading the rebuilding of degraded forms.

How the creation of the fiat dollar changed the world forever

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way:” all can be overcome through the power of will; but one must first possess it.

Ideology, like religion; matters to people. So much so that it will make them throw away their lives in the hopes that their chosen doctrine will be empowered. No amount of money will convince a man to sacrifice his life in such a way. Clearly, ideology matters, with differing contents offering different levels of commitment …

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The greatest failure of Democracy is in empowering the incapable and immoral. This brings these wretches into an unfair conflict with moral and just people over power. Armed with this evil, the immoral slash at righteous good, before good knows what hit it. Democracy breeds naïveté towards the human condition, leaving these good and upstanding …

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