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Modern society is dedicated to the material matters in life over the transcendent and this is wreaking havoc on the conventional classes of men. Our managerial ruling class has promoted a classless, uniform society to the detriment of the traditional classes. Men no longer realize why they should accept their place as a peasant, priest, warrior, or merchant.

This is an evolving story, and so in an effort to not date the below too much – we shall focus on some wider context, rather than the exact events unfolding. But it remains to be established that – subsequently to buying a significant stake in Twitter and refusing to be integrated into the existing …

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Much is afoot in international markets, this much is obvious. Between existing inflationary pressures to supply chains, fiat currency printing, and financial market troubles in regional markets (notably China’s property sector, and Turkish currency devaluation), there would already be a bumpy few years in our collective economic future. Then the war in the Donbas heated …

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Working carefully, methodically, diligently, he makes a tiny little capsule. It is hidden, safe, barely perceptible to his predators. Enclosing himself, he lays dormant, silent for about two weeks. Then, he emerges. Now with wings, now a creature of flight, a caterpillar has changed into a butterfly. Or did he really change? Parmenides of Elea, …

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The globalized, disenfranchised, sterilized, secularized, urbanized, and the personalized world which our children are being born into idolizes the deracinated individual above all else. The deracinated individual is rootless, isolated, and bereft of both heritage and meaningful ties to the culture of their ancestors. The deracinated individual is therefore easily manipulated and exploited. Indeed, the …

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Man is hungry by nature. Whether it be for adventure, experience (of a sort), control, understanding, or ownership, he wishes to know what is beyond the next hill – metaphorical or literal. He wishes for growth, in himself and his holdings. He wishes to be able to answer the question with confidence “this is why …

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two-thousand souls (or at least, accounts, as what’s the difference in Hypermodernity?) This brings about what some call “Good problems” and others call “Growing pains.” The first and foremost issue of organizing a community of two-thousand people (give or take a couple hundred inactive or unserious people) is that it cannot be organized. At least not with the staff on hand.

Demographics are a popular issue to talk about, within political, geopolitical, and economic groups, pretty much all have a concern of some sort. I would like to add history to that list to demonstrate how all of these come together, and what that might mean for the future.
Populations are not generic of course, and the self-identified differentiation between them is usually enough of a shorthand to see where practical considerations will lie, but there are also harder factors that will dictate the boundaries. These groups often have their own cultural spheres, their own hierarchies and leadership networks, and will find themselves on their own path in relation to others – even if they sometimes reside near one another geographically. There is often a geographical consideration, but it does not seem to be definitive compared to other circumstances; both material and spiritual.

I include these threads to give a general sense of where the sphere is. People are dissatisfied, many of them important. They are centres of thought and culture among our sphere and the moons which orbit these embattled suns. Most of us joined this sphere around 2015 or 2016, as we were receptive to the energy around Trump and his consequences. Ideas once held by fringe minorities who could count their adherents in the dozens nationwide have now exploded into entire subcultures. Those of us on the younger side can’t remember a time before this era, largely because the time before this era was a desert encroaching on our inner lives.

f its presence through the tremors which emanate forthwith, taking the shape of arguments and hot takes on Twitter, videos and essays dedicated to one side or another, and the invisible enmity which builds in the hearts of men who both see themselves as defenders of the side of truth against an ostensible “Ally of the moment.” The shortage of solutions matches the excess of bad faith