Paul Fahrenheidt

two-thousand souls (or at least, accounts, as what’s the difference in Hypermodernity?) This brings about what some call “Good problems” and others call “Growing pains.” The first and foremost issue of organizing a community of two-thousand people (give or take a couple hundred inactive or unserious people) is that it cannot be organized. At least not with the staff on hand.

I include these threads to give a general sense of where the sphere is. People are dissatisfied, many of them important. They are centres of thought and culture among our sphere and the moons which orbit these embattled suns. Most of us joined this sphere around 2015 or 2016, as we were receptive to the energy around Trump and his consequences. Ideas once held by fringe minorities who could count their adherents in the dozens nationwide have now exploded into entire subcultures. Those of us on the younger side can’t remember a time before this era, largely because the time before this era was a desert encroaching on our inner lives.

f its presence through the tremors which emanate forthwith, taking the shape of arguments and hot takes on Twitter, videos and essays dedicated to one side or another, and the invisible enmity which builds in the hearts of men who both see themselves as defenders of the side of truth against an ostensible “Ally of the moment.” The shortage of solutions matches the excess of bad faith

The Spenglerian cycle, at least in part, has been accepted as the God-given truth by most on the side of it. I argue elsewhere that this is due to Spengler being a prophet and not a philosopher. Yet even prophets have trouble predicting the entire future, and every theory has holes, exceptions, and rules which …

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Following January 6th, parallelism entered our collective consciousness as a result of the self-reflection that always comes post-treachery. Instinctively, many of us realized that Trump was the last chance at a peaceful solution of institutional reform. It was the revelation that the institutions were the very source of the hostile elite, rather than a victim of them, which led to this conclusion.

The Long Shadow of Spengler Is Oswald Spengler a Prophet? I don’t mean in the profane way “Prophet” is used now to apply to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that guesses that rain will fall tomorrow. I mean in the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah decrying our fall for the sins of our Fathers type …

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Dr. Francia is a name little-known among those of our community. A tragedy considering he fulfilled Carlyle’s vision of a Great Man and Bronze Age Pervert’s (BAP) vision of a Man of Power. Carlyle has spoken of Dr. Francia at length in an essay of the same name – an essay which dubbed the moniker, “The …

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