David Bardsleye

How the dynamics described in Italian Elite Theory played out for the original Dungeon Masters.

Working carefully, methodically, diligently, he makes a tiny little capsule. It is hidden, safe, barely perceptible to his predators. Enclosing himself, he lays dormant, silent for about two weeks. Then, he emerges. Now with wings, now a creature of flight, a caterpillar has changed into a butterfly. Or did he really change? Parmenides of Elea, …

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The globalized, disenfranchised, sterilized, secularized, urbanized, and the personalized world which our children are being born into idolizes the deracinated individual above all else. The deracinated individual is rootless, isolated, and bereft of both heritage and meaningful ties to the culture of their ancestors. The deracinated individual is therefore easily manipulated and exploited. Indeed, the …

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Our computerized phones are called “smartphones” because their computing power and software enables them to accomplish complex tasks computers twenty years ago couldn’t do. Consequently, it is assumed, a smartphone can help you to achieve smarter, more complex goals. However, it is quite likely that the opposite is true.