Against Degeneracy.

Call of the Shield Maiden

There is a conflict today within the Right-Wing of Western politics. The traditional foundations are at odds with some of the more liberalist elements who find themselves refugees amongst the reactionary right wing after leaving the left, or having the left leave them. This has the potential to infect the whole movement with degeneracy, whether that be bad actors who want to change things to suit them on purpose, or the inevitable downward spiral that a lack of standards and morals brings.

Traditionalists generally follow Christianity or see the good in it. They live traditionally, including ideas around marriage and children. They’re against gay “marriage”, abortion, divorce, and promiscuity in all forms; they oppose simpery, anime, pornography; this force counters cultural degeneration. The consequence of failure in tradition’s defence is its death, and suffering subversion (a spiritual death).

Part of our problem is that the Right du jour is reactive by default. It’s a blank slate ready for framing by enemies. We mirror the left’s image as we reflexively oppose them, defining ourselves by opposition. Thus the left gains advantage as prime mover, leaving us reacting. Discourse is dominated by the left as a mark of the right’s hesitance for leadership. All movements react to opposition, but at some point must seize the initiative.

Conservatives are well-known for tolerating the behaviour of non-enemies that aren’t traditional. The Tory Party fails to support traditional values yet they are nominal representatives of the right as there is no rival. Does a random person interviewed by Reasoned on the streets of London know that the Tories are not conservative? Unlikely.

A purge is needed. Traditionalists must take a stand, and not resort to excuses like ‘women are ruining the west’ while reacting to a shallow and empty TikTok facsimile as if such loose women could indicate the status of the whole.

Traditionalism is diluted by ideas and lifestyles that are anti-family. MGTOWS (Men Going Their Own Way), pickup artists and weebs (Weeaboos or western Japanophiles who are anti left as they want to engage in their own particular brand of degeneracy) and many others. Today the dissident right is an island of misfits united by a hatred or dislike of something leftist or otherwise connected to progressive liberal postmodernity. I will list examples of these subversive elements below:

MGTOW (men going their own way) come via anti-feminist and male-improvement routes; seek content to support their anti-woman views. Why self-improve when you can pretend all women are morally bankrupt? MGTOW is ideologically driven celibacy. It consists of:

  1. Making a commitment to boycott women in their early 20s, to determine that all 3 billion women are strange or evil in some manner;
  1. Blindness and bigoted views ignorant of people being different in different places; that the laws around divorce and custody around the country or in another country also vary from one’s local area, or what is seen on the internet;
  1. Many are hurt, don’t like women, are vengeful, and spiteful. This presents in those with the most extreme and polarising views.

Weebs (Wee-aboos) come via anti-feminist and incel (Involuntarily Celibate) channels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. They have anime body pillows, act aggressive when told that drawn child porn is degeneracy, and spend far too much time and energy simping.

Pickup artists want access to many women, at all times. They have no considerations beyond satisfying their carnal lusts. They are seen disguised critiquing the immorality of contemporary women or attacking some irrational leftist thought, but underneath they aren’t looking for family and commitment. Some of the more outrageous views on women leave them immobile in leftist spaces, but they’re not Traditional in any way, shape, or form.

Simping behaviour too is anti-traditional. The traditional man loves his wife, rather than throwing money at random women online. Simping is a lifestyle: a personality flaw rather than an ideology like MGTOW or a hobby like Weebery or pickup artistry. It derives from men who have an insufficient self-respect and self-esteem to avoid online women they have no chance with, instead of focusing on building their lives offline.

I refer to these as degenerates; and there are a multitude of reasons they hide amongst traditionalists.
They believe:

  1. The left is wrong
  2. The left is anti-man so they seek refuge rather than support anything Traditionalists work towards.
  3. According to Jonathan Haidt, there are 5 moral pillars; of those they only have liberty. They don’t fit into the left who only have fairness and care as moral axioms, so they join the dissidents, and since traditionalists are also dissidents, degenerates flood their way. They adopt a veneer of dissident rightism for survival, but all they really want is liberty to be libertine.
  4. Another reason degenerates are not leftists is because they aren’t Machiavellian enough to fit in with leftism;  they don’t have the right set of minority points for their vulnerable narcissism to be beneficial.
  5. Traditionalists aren’t in favour of free speech, but rather seeking truth. Many degenerates come via Libertarian channels. Libertines are fine with consent based responsibility, but that’s it; giving no regard for how their behaviour will affect the future or others around them.

The internet isn’t favourable to those wanting solid and serious conversations. All content is attention-economy based and so lacks incentive to purge the
undesirables. Despite the constant drama and purity spirals, the space doesn’t split or get purged because most of the drama is fake and performed for views. There’s no internal incentive to gatekeep because you need numbers to have a movement and potentially a good number of people will fall afoul of some standard Traditionalists espouse. Because this community has no political power there’s no incentive to impose standards on anyone. Many will be surprised where they’ll land should this movement ever gain power.

This movement needs to change from reacting to being something in and of itself. You cannot market a non-existent product. Traditionalists must advocate for their views instead of putting up the 1000th reaction video to the latest “stupid girl” display panel. If the left disappeared overnight, what does the traditionalist movement have to offer?

There are things that matter moving forwards. 

Frank discourse over pornography and how it affects men is necessary; reactionaries are majority-male and pornography has been described as a public health crisis by anti-porn activists. Discussing pornography would be a start for changing minds or weeding-out degenerates. They would become uncomfortable and leave, or they would take up self-improvement.

We are tech addicts, more must be done to connect people, make them meet up in real life. I’m in Basketweavers. It’s a group dedicated to getting people in your local area together. It needs more people willing to meet up and not just sit online doing nothing constructive.

Instead of videos of screaming degenerate women disparaging men, how about some proper dating advice? What to look for in a woman, what to look for in a man, etc. Perhaps interviews with people long-married who have useful insights into relationship formation and maintenance. How people meet today will be different from the past but the qualities needed to build and keep a relationship will be the same. There are methods to break down negative relationship stories so they end up with a positive message on what to do in current or future relationships, rather than emoting towards potentially fabricated fakery.

Simping is both a well known and understudied phenomena. The word is thrown around alot, yet there is little discussion on what constitutes simping, or the remedy for being one. Where’s the line between being a fan of a woman or fictional character or when it’s gone too far? I hear general disgust of simps in reactionary and Traditionalist spaces but few details are discussed.

Progressivism is on shaky ground, and this offers us an opportunity to push traditionalism. Searchers will be looking for answers, so Traditionalists should take the opportunity to advertise their goals. There are infiltrators of our spaces who are against ideas like marriage. If Traditionalists want something then there is opportunity to explain why marriage is better than cohabitation, or why they support marriage but not cohabitation. Increasing efforts at countering non-traditional ideas (ie: MGTOW) floating through dissident spaces will help strengthen traditionalism.

What kinds of movies and media are wholesome? We have an opportunity to promote good films while discussing the effects of low-quality content on the mind. Should one be turning on the TV to watch trash instead of doing something constructive?

Traditionalists want to encourage the morals of people by promoting respectful dress. Why is it better to wear proper clothes when you are out and about instead of sweatpants and a hoodie? The importance and respect shown to yourself and others when you dress appropriately is often forgotten.

Promoting each other in a continuing effort to encourage public meet-ups is a priority. There are events that Traditionalists want to attend, but they lack exposure. Many are not on twitter, or may be followers of one person’s work while being unaware of others. Promoting real life meetups and events grows the community and helps build connections.

There is an interesting phenomena that goes on in reactionary and Traditionalist spaces. It involves people being overly suspicious that they are being watched and recorded online when they involve themselves with dissident spaces, yet this is not how they act in their everyday lives. It’s a kind of self-censoring, where legal activities and speech are shied away from unnecessarily. There are far too many truthful things being labelled a conspiracy these days, but being overly paranoid is unhelpful. Traditionalists shouldn’t restrict their own speech through self-censoring. Many use their credit cards to buy video games or OnlyFans yet don’t want to have their real name known on the Basketweavers discord. You don’t want restrictions on speech and ideas ushered in, not because radical leftists are baying at the heels of the government, but because those who should speak out, fail to.

We agree that motherhood is a fine thing, but amongst reactionary circles more nuance is needed in the conversation. Reactive types miss the big picture and support an ideal that doesn’t match reality. They claim to want women at home caring for children, yet little is offered on coordinating work if a woman is obliged to work. Conversely, there is discussion about how alimony and child support are used to encourage or incentivise women to seek divorce. Considering a woman may be divorcing after multiple decades out of the workforce, leaving her destitute isn’t going to make arguments for stay-at-home mothers appealing to sensible people.

Practical advice on saving money to buy a house is another example of useful content. It’s possible for a young couple to take out a mortgage. But it must be done sensibly. There is space for serious content creators who aren’t advertising get-rich-quick schemes to talk about these things.

Many life skills have not been passed down from the boomer generation to their children.  Any of the things the young people are lacking is a good topic to discuss; it fills a need and improves lives while not being reactive.

How do those who aren’t of western heritage fit into the traditionalist movement? What are traits that you’ve brought over from yours or your parents and grandparents culture(s) that you wish to keep and which do you discard? Why do you support traditional western values? How do you fit in with others? Why do you support traditionalism over being woke and forcing your culture on natives? The government doesn’t require assimilation, but Traditionalists want it. What is assimilation and what does it look like? Perhaps conversations started by those who are abit foreign would help natives who have had their culture squeezed out of them find a foothold.

Collaboration, especially with lesser-known creators, will be key for movement growth. They’re out there and may be difficult to find. Your audiences may be able to suggest people they want to see you interview. Engage with them, make it a conversation rather than proclamation.

In conclusion, degenerate and reactive behaviour doesn’t support or advance the Traditionalist movement. It detracts and stalls it. On the other hand the correction process must be done cleverly and with care. By reducing the full on reactive nature of content that’s being created and putting forth new content that is meant to build and influence in a positive way, the Traditionalist movement can start to become a movement and less of a mirror of the left.

The leftists worked on society for decades, and the idea that some leader will suddenly show up and make the world right again is foolish and naïve. Would everyone reading this now approve of ending divorce tomorrow; a ban on anime and TikTok,  or a bachelors tax? Many would, but those aren’t popular. If a leader appeared in such fashion they would be persecuted by the very people who want them.

What must happen is support of traditions that support family and the continuation of the family. Family is the backbone of society, it’s to support family that society continues, and it’s family that will continue on long after the epoch of madness ends. 

In 100 years, your reaction to some TikTok madness won’t matter; but what you do to support the Traditionalist movement will. The good advice that helps even a handful of young people is more important than a spicy video that racks up thousands of views and changes nothing.

There’s a time and a place for reactions, protests, and keeping up with the left; but it must not be the majority of time use nor output. There has to be something going on that isn’t politics and reaction; this is where real change is made.

Visible and vocal minorities rot discourse to their level, and the Traditionalist movement must defend its territory.

But let’s end on a positive note. Traditionalists have something that many or most on the left don’t: forgiveness. The Christian ethic of forgiveness, of the genuinely repentant, is important to political success. There must be a path forward for those who were wrong about something. If they have to double down on the wrong idea or belief, because they know they will be thrown to the wolves by those who were right all along, then there will be no advancement.

By being unforgiving, Traditionalists might keep those discontent or unhappy with the left where they lay. The leftist idea is that if you step outside of their hegemony, you will be torn to bits. Even today leaders of traditionalist spaces look immature and impulsive and not ready for leadership when they rile up without mercy against those who wronged them and the movement.

In his book, “Forgive and Forget”, Lewis Smedes wrote these profound words about forgiveness: “When you release the wrongdoer from the wrong, you cut a malignant tumor out of your inner life. You set a prisoner free, but you discover that the real prisoner was yourself.” For Christian Traditionalists, The Bible states that when someone hurts us, we are under an obligation to God to forgive that person. Jesus is very clear on this point in Matthew 6:14-15 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: but if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. (KJV)

Refusing to forgive is a sin. So if we receive forgiveness from God, we must then be willing to give it to others who harm us. No holding grudges or seeking revenge. We’re to trust God for justice and forgive the offender. That doesn’t mean we must forget the offence, but it does mean releasing the other from blame, leaving the event in God’s hands and moving on. We may resume a relationship with the person if we had one, or we may not. Certainly, the victim of a crime has no obligation to become friends with the criminal. We leave it to the terrestrial courts and Heavenly Father to judge them.

From the perspective of Psychologists, forgiveness is defined as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve it.

It’s important to note, when you forgive, you do not gloss over or deny the seriousness of an offence. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offences. Though forgiveness can help repair a damaged relationship, it doesn’t obligate you to reconcile, nor release them from legal accountability. Instead, forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger. It involves letting go of deeply held negative feelings. It empowers you to recognize the pain you suffered without letting that pain define you, enabling you to heal and move on.

Traditionalists must take a bold and unapolagetic stand on their morals and values, becoming an immovable force against the waves of degeneracy, and an unrelenting aggressor in the fight for young people’s souls.

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