A Transhuman Tragedy

County Traveler

Despite the nonstop rhetorical warfare, there is no “trans genocide” being perpetrated by Christians, Republicans, or anyone else that progressives consider their enemies. In 2021, there were 38 transgender people killed in the US. 20 of the perpetrators were reported as black, and zero were reported as white [1]. Several of these murders seem to have occurred in the context of prostitution. There is not a single reported incident of a trans person being violently attacked in a religious or conservative context.

Rather, it seems that transgender people are quite overrepresented when it comes to committing mass violence. A few recent examples include the disproportionate number of trans suspects arrested at the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots [2], the Aberdeen shooter, the Denver shooter, obviously the recent Tennessee school shooting, and also the Club Q mass shooting [3]. Some people debate whether the Club Q shooter was actually a transsexual. It doesn’t matter much – even if he was pretending, it is damning that adopting a trans identity is seen as an effective means of avoiding punishment for violent crime. It is highly unusual that such a tiny demographic would commit so much mass violence. Some people claim there have been 2,000+ mass shootings over the last five years in the US. This is obviously untrue and includes many gun-related deaths as mass shootings, such as accidents, gang violence, murder-suicides, etc. In reality, there have been 20 or so mass shootings in recent years [4]. Four out of 20 is an astronomically high percentage for this demographic.

In addition to real world violence, transsexuals are also gleeful in their violent threats online. Transsexuals are the only group allowed to publicly threaten to rape women on social media without reprisal. Instead of being punished for such flagrant threats of violence, their sentiment is affirmed. Most recently, we saw transsexuals occupy the Oklahoma state capitol building, with fawning press coverage. It is doubtful any of them will be thrown in solitary confinement, as was the case for those who occupied the US Capitol on Jan 6th. Of course, this is all demonstrative of the fact that the regime simply favors this group. The lesson is that red states ought to punish their enemies and reward their friends to an even greater degree.

What happened in Nashville wasn’t just a crime or a lone psycho shooter – it was indeed an act of terrorism. While disgusting, the meme below accurately sums up the offer that trans people and the left are making to America. Since this shooting, we’ve seen many media outlets give some variation of the take “this shooter was radicalized because their family, community, country, etc. did not accept them for who they are”. The White House said, “our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now”. That is clear intimidation and incitement to violence. The corporate press is truly the enemy of the people. Beclowning them on the internet is an insufficient reaction. Of course, a “sufficient reaction” requires highly tempered and deliberate behavior. Drag Floyd or anything similar is a bad idea.

When people say “this isn’t a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem, and it needs to be taken care of”, they are directionally correct. But the vagueness in this statement renders it ineffectual. Who will take care of it? What measures will be taken? It seems no one has specific suggestions. This question ought to be easy. But today it is quite challenging. The solution, of course, doesn’t change. The solution is ostracizing them, and depriving them of public standing as integrated citizens in red states. Mental asylums are a valid option. For those who turn violent, demoralizing punishment from the state is warranted.

Young people are being actively groomed to be transgender. As Second City Bureaucrat puts it, this grooming is in line with the discharge of progressive judgment, which favors all who are not straight white men [5]. This judgment is especially favorable to those who reject their natural identity and commit violence upon themselves as a demonstration. In rejecting their own humanity, transsexuals instead adopt the identity of the regime’s most brutal shock troopers. They are above all criticism, but most importantly, they are not above committing progressive religious violence, no matter how heinous.

Transsexuals are an early step in the progressive march towards transhumanism. For that reason, they must be opposed all out, as their acceptance will only create a precedent for accepting all forms of transhumanism. Allowing transhumanists to occupy positions of power and influence in right-wing communities inherently rots the values of these communities. It also has a mimetic effect, whereby other young people will reject nature, reject their own humanity, and reject their inherent beauty in the eyes of the Lord. The human story, in part, is the story of pursuing happiness using whichever gifts the Lord provides one with. A transhuman cannot appeal to the values of humanism, and natural humans should not extend these values to people who only seek to exploit universal humanism to subjugate their neighbors.

In the short term, it is effective to mock transsexuals and media figures in their vile attempts to deflect blame and cover up the true nature of the transgender craze. Their disgusting lifestyle is self-evident. Similarly, all kinds of drag shows or books promoting transsexual indoctrination should be banned from right-wing communities. No transhumans can occupy leadership positions on the right. Transsexual propaganda should be considered criminal where the law permits.

In the medium term, red states should harshly punish media and tech companies that promote transgenderism and transhumanism. The full force of red state governments should be brought down on those who promote anti-human values, pursuing any legal avenues available to dole out punishment. New laws should be passed classifying transsexual lifestyle and propaganda similarly to Satanism – an apt comparison. Additionally, laws must be passed to ensure that parents have full rights over their children and that there will be no horror stories of protective services called on parents who themselves protect their children from transsexual delusions.

In the long term, there should be direct and specific policies passed in red states to ensure severe punishment for promoting all anti-human values, including transsexualism. Despite the left’s attempts to say otherwise, Satanism and similar forms of anti-humanism are not protected by the First Amendment. The inherent flaws in humanism are best left to be resolved at a later date. It should be made abundantly clear, both in law and in medical literature, that transsexualism is a serious form of mental illness that can never be encouraged. By this time, the transgender craze should have been significantly demoralized, and the right will have something to rally around in the long war against transhumanism.