Elite Watch: A Call to Action

Photo by Mostafa Meraji

By now, we should all have heard talk or read articles about why it is necessary to build parallel institutions. This has been a major talking point for a while now, and the necessity has become even more apparent as events like the seizure of donations to the Canadian truckers have played out before our eyes. But how do we get started, and how can you, dear reader, help?

Well, to build parallel institutions we will need money. Unless some of you happen to have a small fortune tucked away somewhere and are willing to share, this means we will have to either earn it or receive the money from an outside source. There are many people working to make money for this, but that is not what our focus here is.

We have started a project on the Scyldings Matrix server called Elite Watch, which is dedicated to finding potential donors. We need volunteers who are willing to put in a bit of their free time each week to participate in the research that is required for this task.

There are no technical requirements to volunteer, only a willingness to help and a good attitude. This is very important because we have a lot of work to do. In addition to research for specific projects, we have a list of over ONE MILLION names we need to research and map out! With your help, we can build the institutions we will need to survive the ashes!

In order to volunteer, you will need to join us on the Matrix, which you can do by going to element.scyldings.com and following this guide by K1D77A. You can also find a guide for joining at https://scyldings.com/guide-joining-the-chat-server-on-scyldings-com/

Visit the Scyldings Peertube for more information. https://peertube.scyldings.com/w/ra895nVoQFmCRzwyRXPKjc

After you have joined, send a to @holy_esoterrorist:scyldings.com to be invited to the room, or you can ask in the Shallow Lore (https://matrix.to/#/#shallowlore:scyldings.com) public room for help and you will be guided from there.

We offer great thanks to everyone who joins up, it means so much!

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