Baskets to be woven, Friends to be chosen

Empty Pub; Photo by Nikola Jovanovic

The past few weeks have brought the numbers of that forum we call the “Basket Weavers” up to two-thousand souls (or at least, accounts, as what’s the difference in Hypermodernity?) This brings about what some call “Good problems” and others call “Growing pains.” The first and foremost issue of organizing a community of two-thousand people (give or take a couple hundred inactive or unserious people) is that it cannot be organized. At least not with the staff on hand.

Lesser men with smaller minds would be stopped by this issue. Fortunately, we are neither of those things (or so we hope,) and have determined a general course of action for those who see potential in contributing to the community. This course of action is “Hands-off” on the part of the Basket-Weavers’ staff, which of course means that the buck is passed off to you, the dear reader. This means that the Basket Weavers community only gives out what you put in.

Say three or four of you live in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a big place, mind you, but say you have one gentleman living in Allentown, another in Bethlehem, a third in Philadelphia, and one outlier all the way in Pittsburg. Then let’s say you meet another individual, a gentleman from Delaware. Well, all of you live within four hours of each other, and could easily meet at some swanky restaurant on the Delaware, or (more likely) at some pub in Lancaster. You have a ready-made friend group. Then let’s say you find a Gentleman from Maryland or Upstate New York, from Ohio or West Virginia, that radius is only an hour or so larger.

For my readers in England, I’d imagine this to be even easier to organize, with most regions having a major city with half-decent transportation links, be it by car, bus, or train; organization of meetups is a relatively effortless endeavour.

But this scenario is on you, dear reader. The Basket-Weavers staff cannot possibly organize this for everyone, which means you must be willing to put yourself out there and to trust those in the community to share your values and hope for your well-being. If you cannot trust your fellow Basket-Weaver, the project is doomed from the start. That is why you must take a risk and tell where you’re from. Have some local pride too! I’m a Virginian. I’m quite convinced that Virginia is the greatest patch of soil on God’s Green Earth. I’m also unafraid to tell everyone who cares to listen about the greatness of my homeland. Do the same.

Now say you follow my advice and you do make friends with gentlemen on the forum. Say you’ve gone to three or four pubs with them, had some laughs, had some drinks, drunkenly spited the globalists and the triple-vaxxed, said a certain word of power aloud one too many times: the mortar holding together the bricks of friendship. Why would you stop there?

Returning to our Pennsylvania-centered hypothetical group of friends, say the Gentleman from Allentown has some money saved up and would like to start a business. Who else would he come to for investment, advice, and potential employment than his group of friends he gets drunk with and shares his values? This can be done easily. Businesses, Charities, Non-Profits, Fraternal Organizations, etc. All of this is not only possible but extremely easy given the Basket-Weavers gives you access to trustworthy individuals, by virtue of them sharing your values.

To those of you with marketable skills, say you Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, wouldn’t you rather work for someone you agree with, someone you are friends with? For those hiring these tradesmen, wouldn’t you rather give your money to a friend whose family you know than some stranger hired by a big multi-state trade company? These are the cornerstones of community building, of parallelism, of restoring natural law, order, and right-wing (which at this point is just a synonym for sane) sensibilities to the Ashes.

To those of you with different skills less useful in a local setting, why not help make all of this possible? The Basket-Weavers needs developers, coders, those familiar with the digital world to develop the site, a myriad of other extremely important projects, and to make up for ludic individuals such as yours truly.

To those of you, like myself, who fancy ourselves of a literary bent, get in contact with the Basket-Weaver staff and volunteer for Praxarchy! Contact the editor, through the Praxarchy Twitter or via Element (links can be found here). That’s how I got started in this sphere, and it is greatly paying dividends. We have numerous positions for columnists, editors, researchers, etc. All of which goes back to benefitting this sphere and providing it with the media network it truly deserves.

To reiterate, Basket-Weavers will give you what you give it. To use it as a forum to shitpost would be a tragic waste of potential. Instead, you ought to use it to realize those great dreams you had of building a right-wing society, a group of like-minded men, a loyal group of friends. For what is politics but that expressed by the late Peruvian President, Oscar Benavides Larrea?

“For my friends, everything.”

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