The Trap of Online Discourse

It appears writing on the divisions of this sphere has become something of a theme in my work. One which I desperately hope ceases to occur when the future sneaks up on us. In this spirit, I recently saw a small thread by @CamenOnly on Twitter. While I won’t quote the whole thing, here are the most important bits:

The only productive avenue of dissident engagement going forward is the creation of art, nepotistic businesses, and street gangs. Forum and chat culture must be discouraged. There is no benefit to young dissidents getting lost in Twitter/telegram. The erasure of dissident spaces online will be a long term net positive. It will eradicate special boys and gremlins only interested in ideological circlejerks and crab-bucketry. Only serious artists, producers, and men of action will remain.

This is an idea that has been the “Online Right Flavor of the Week” before. Yet this time, it seems more important. Similarly, @0x49fa98 (aka Zero H.P. Lovecraft,) said something in the same general stream of sentiment:

I feel like if I, as an open minded person with dissident inclinations, met the online right today for the first time, I would not be inclined to join them. I don’t want to point fingers, but many of you have lost the fun.

This elicited many reactions (as all semi-controversial Flavor of the Week takes do.) Those of the BAP sphere tended to agree with the Horror Fiction Writer. Those in AA’s sphere, such as Charlemagne and his “Ok,” response, reacted negatively. Even so, the discontent of the BAP sphere does not end with the short story writer. @MasakiJinzaburo, a translator of many untranslated works of Yukio Mishima, also wrote a thread describing many of BAP’s sentiments in his latest episode (Caribbean Rhythms ep. 98,) and the section of the wider right. I will include the relevant parts of the thread, interrupted by my commentary:

BAP devoted a huge chunk of the last episode to telling us TO NOT BEHAVE LIKE THIS and saying that HE CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS SHIT.

Indeed. BAP explicitly states that the online right’s discourse has degraded. I’m in agreement.

1. If you disagree with someone on our side, you can do so without going into hysterics or treating them like an enemy. We are supposed to bring together ALL SUPPRESSED SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT FAVORABLE TO LIFE, and that includes anti-Christian esotericists.

As I wrote in my article on the Pagan-Christian divide, anti-Christian esotericists are many of the cornerstones of the Right-Wing Intellectual Canon.

That is not to say that I support open attacks on Christianity, but it is to say that there is nothing wrong with taking an anti-Christian position, as long as one does so for the right reasons and with the awareness that true Christianity is utterly dead and therefore no threat.

Here Masaki’s bias shows somewhat, a sentiment that is common throughout the BAP sphere even among its ostensible Christians. A better way to put it would have been, “The Christian Churches” instead of “True Christianity,” but the sentiment is correct.

Most importantly, we must not lose sight of the fact that we are ALLIES in a single SPIRITUAL WAR against THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. This kind of bickering strengthens the slave state and MAKES US LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF PH*G**TS.

This is a point I have time and again called for. This is a Confederation of all associated with Natural Law and against The Embodiment of Metaphysical Evil. We have petty differences, this is true, but getting lost in these differences and the encouragement of such has been a favourite tactic amongst Globohomo and is the very definition of divide et impera.

Remember that we are a small, despised, and embattled minority. Every genuine frog is putting their life on the line to contribute to this struggle. We should treat each other as brothers-in-arms, not enemies in a petty academic dispute. Take it seriously!

A better conclusion could not be written.

I include these threads to give the dear reader a general sense of where the sphere is. People are dissatisfied, many of them important. They are centres of thought and culture among our sphere and the moons which orbit these embattled suns. Most of us joined this sphere around 2015 or 2016, as we were receptive to the energy around Trump and his consequences. Ideas once held by fringe minorities who could count their adherents in the dozens nationwide have now exploded into entire subcultures. Those of us on the younger side can’t remember a time before this era, largely because the time before this era was a desert encroaching on our inner lives.

2016 was fun, to be sure. That’s because we didn’t know the stakes, and we thought the adults would come and fix the world. Jan 6th shattered these notions. Now we know the stakes, and we are the adults who must fix the world.

Adults do not act like paranoid schizophrenics when dealing with each other and speaking to the world. This is what AA and Associates get correct, and the BAP posters could learn from. Adults do not constantly demoralize others, question the sincerity or seriousness of their compatriots, and adopt a “Holier-than-thou” attitude. This is what the BAP posters get correct, and AA and Associates could learn from.

But all of these flaws stem from the same source: Online Chat-Room and Forum Culture. The Online Right has had trouble making any change in the world, no matter how many thoughts, notions, or ideas it spouts on Twitter, Youtube, Odyssey, Gab, and this humble publication. It’s not because we’re “The Right,” but because we’re “Online.” This cannot be allowed to continue.

Anyone who’s spent anywhere close to a decade on the internet can tell you that Chatroom, Forum, and Twitter culture are evolutions of the same worst tendencies among Monkey-brains like ourselves: The instant gratification of One-Upmanship. Cliche and mainstream as it sounds, the format of the internet is exactly why this occurs. Consider the following: Do you speak differently to your mother online than BasedGroyper14? How about friends from school? Business associates? Teachers or students? Even your real-life friends? That is because there is an order to your relationship based in the Natural World. Relationships on the Internet, even with men as high IQ as BasedGroyper14, are chaotic.

These people have been artificially placed into your life by the purest essence of Chaos – the Internet.

In ages past, this chaos was made up by the lack of restrictions. I.e., ideas without the threat of reprisal or doxxing could be shared under complete anonymity. This birthed our culture and is a difficult thing to let go of. But, as Spengler says, no culture can stay the same, it has a Destiny it must fulfil. These are not the Halcyon days of 2016 when Trump won the White House and Big Tech had yet to strike back. The game has changed.

It is the Destiny of the Online Right to become itself, to become just “The Right” again. The Online aspect can never truly be shorn, just as the West cannot erase its days of Paganism, no matter how much the Christians among us would like to.

Now is the time for the creation of art, nepotistic businesses, clubs, and groups, who all know each other through minimalist online links. Anything else would kill our culture in the cradle.

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