Shorthands: Nuclear Family

Family Photo by Josue Michel

The Architect

Rugged individualism is ubiquitously credited by conservatives as the distinguishing factor in the success of the American Empire, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, hyper-individualism and by extension nihilism is precisely what has eroded American society. The truth is it was the Nuclear Family which set America apart. The Nuclear Family symbolizes perfect harmony between individualism and collectivism whereas the individual from below and the state from above align towards a common goal and that is service to the family. In our service, we are given a role, for the individual that role is Mother or Father and for the State that role is guarantor.

The roles of Mother and Father are more than just parental titles in a familial hierarchy, they are what save the individual from nihilism and degeneracy. That is because the pursuit of Motherhood or Fatherhood is the best chance one must fully actualize themselves and become a mature member of their community. It is by exhibiting the patterns of Mother and Father that one is able to attract a mate, build trust in their community, and live fulfilling lives. If a person exhibits behaviour that deviates from that of Mother and Father, they may be perceived as a threat by the community.

The role of the State is to create a framework where Mother and a Father are able to maintain a healthy family. The State shall guarantee that the liberties of the Mother and the Father are not infringed upon by itself or by others. Its laws shall be easy to understand and enforced properly as to not create confusion. The State shall enact economic measures which are beneficial to the Mother and Father and are therefore beneficial to the Family. The mark of a healthy economy is one where the median wage is able to sustain a family of four.

When the state begins to become a burden to the Mother and Father it inhibits them in performing their role as parents. Consequently, the State takes on the role of caring for individuals (welfare), inadvertently (or deliberately) eliminating the material incentive for individuals to form and maintain a family. The result is entitlement, degeneracy, the artificial softening of the Darwinian consequences of a fast life history strategy. As the cultural and political power of the Nuclear Family fade, individuals are left with a vacuum where there once were patterns and values to align themselves to. Without a compass, these individuals become atomized, nihilistic, and ultimately slaves to the dole of state or a fabricated identity derived from a corporate product or social movement.